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The Organature Bassinet, Cradle or Pram Mattress

What Is Best For Your Baby?

So much has been said about which type of mattress is the best for your baby’s cot, cradle or bassinet. Fashions change, ideas change. Firstly we are advised to use a ‘bumper’, and then we are told a bumper is a possible factor in the SIDS debate, restricting airflow. We were advised to sleep our babies on their tummies so that if they should be sick they will not choke; next, tummy sleeping is BAD, it too is a possible SIDS factor.

Have you noticed how recently many babies have a very flat back of head, due to pressure from constantly lying in the one position? This is Plagiocephaly or ‘Flat Head Syndrome’. While we do not dispute that babies lying on their backs has probably saved the lives of possibly thousands, we are convinced that it is more to do with them NOT lying on their tummies and directly breathing in, the toxic off-gassing from the plastic, foam rubber, latex or any other synthetic mattress.

We are advised that the bassinet or cradle mattress needs to be ‘firm’ so that baby doesn’t suffocate. When the mattress is made from a natural and fully breathable medium the likelihood of suffocation is vastly minimised.

Here in Australia we have the highest levels of allergies in the world. The industrialised world has created many new chemicals and our immune systems are vulnerable to these many environmental changes.

How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

We believe it is VITAL that we reduce our chemical overload so we can improve the quality of life, health and sleep, especially that of our babies and children. For this reason we have created a bassinet, cradle and cot mattress made with 100% certified organic cotton.

Please take the time to read the following facts and specifications before placing your order.
Organic Cotton Bassinet Mattress  |  Organic Cotton Cradle Mattress
  • These futon style mattresses are made to order in the Organature workrooms and are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
  • The natural outer fabric contains no dyes or bleaches. The filling is 100%, air cleaned Certified organic cotton. It contains no formaldehyde or flame retardant chemicals, no nerve toxins, absolutely no additives, just the ultimate, purest product available.

To protect your babies mattress always use our standard bassinet, cradle, or cot size mattress protector, also made with our natural organic cotton fabric. These mattress protectors are not waterproof; water proofing is plasticising and we do not promote plasticisers. (We can give you a possible suggestion of what to use if you wish to phone us.)  The mattress protector may be a bit larger than your mattress. It is made with elastic around the edges and any excess will tuck under the mattress. To make a special size protector would cost more.

To provide your baby with a lump free mattress the cotton has to be carded (fluffed out). Due to the nature of the filling we cannot strictly adhere to overall size and height. They look somewhat like a flat pillow. They are irregular, and the height can depend on how fluffed out the filling is but we get close to between 5-6 cm depth.  Please note they are not sectioned like the cot & adult size futons.

Unlike conventional mattresses made with foamed rubber, (incorrectly called latex), our mattresses may initially feel soft to you. The combination of the soft mattress plus the hard base of your cradle gives your baby a firm sleeping base. Some pre natal nurses and midwives object to the softness, others have said they are excellent. It is all a matter of opinion. We disagree with the SIDS foundation that recommends latex, (foamed rubber) mattresses.  The important thing is that baby does not sleep on a toxic mattress full of chemicals which can exacerbate the SIDS problem.

In recent years, as we personally have become aware of the problems created by our toxic lifestyles and environment, our own children and grandchildren have followed this path of trying to reduce the chemicals in their lives. It is a matter of taking one step at a time and where better to begin than with your precious one.

Kind regards from Peter and family at Organature®


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