Congratulations on purchasing your quality, 100% Australian, Organic hand-made bed!

Assembly instructions for bed designs:

Airley, Apollo, Barossa, Canterbury, Daintree, Daylesford, Hawthorn, Kingston, Kimberley, Mansfield, Windsor, and Trundles.

To assemble the bed:

These beds should all be assembled upside down. To help with this, the letter B is marked on the under side of all the pieces of timber that make up the bed including the legs.

Find no:1 & match it to no: 1 on the other piece of timber

Match no: 2 with no: 2 & so on & so forth, taking care two make sure all the B‘s are facing upwards

Once the frame is assembled (making sure bolts aren’t fully tightened yet) bolt on the legs matching the letter A with A.

When bed is assembled and legs fitted, tighten all bolts then turn the right way up.

If bed has a bedhead, bolt that on next.

Finally, we add the slat sections. The slats come in a set of three sections. Depending on the model of bed you have purchased, the slats may be identical in which case they can go in any order, or there may be two identical with the third one slightly different: put the odd one in the middle.

There should be a slight gap between each of the three slat sections and the head and foot rail or you may experience some creaking.

If you do experience any creaking where timber meets timber, it will most likely be where one slat section is rubbing up against another, or the head (or foot rail) against the slats.  Rubbing a bar of soap where the creaking is occurring should eliminate this.

For Trundles please note:

Trundle castors are attached by inserting the castor rod into the castor fitting on the Trundle frame (until it ‘clicks’ home). 

Of the 6 castors provided, there are 2 ‘braked’ castors.  Please insert the 2 ’braked’ castors – one on each end on the same side of the trundle, so they can be easily accessed.

Enjoy your 100% Australian Made, Organic furniture. If you have any queries, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

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