100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics

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All of Organatures’ exclusive cotton fabrics are produced from the finest yarn and especially popular for home sewing with large rolls of Organic Fabrics occasionally available for wholesale. These fabrics are suitable for clothing for all the family, cushions, home decorating, bedding, bed linen, baby products and also curtains.

All our fabrics and filling are certified GOTS, (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that all our Natural and Dyed fabrics are GOTS certified too. We do not sell anything else.

The difference with organic cotton textiles and conventional textiles is that certified organic cotton textiles are not treated with chemicals such as colour fastener, wrinkle free, non-iron and lately fragrances, all of which are chemicals that are potentially harmful to both the planet and humans. These treatments are not needed with certified organic textiles due to the fact that 100% cotton, readily absorbs the dyes without needing further treatment with setting chemicals.

Colours will vary according to your computer monitor settings. If you would like to touch and see the exact fabric colour samples, we are more than happy to send you our selection in the mail.

All ‘natural’ GOTS Certified 100% Organic Fabrics are unbleached and un-dyed, ideal for those who are extra careful about what they put next to their skin. Natural, certified organic and unbleached is the ideal choice for people wanting to live as allergy-free and sensitivity-free as possible.

The dyes used to colour the fabrics are low impact chemical dyes, permitted and certified safe to use under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). ‘Vegetable’ and ‘Herb’ dyes are occasionally used but not currently able to be economically produced on a large scale. We’re working towards improving that READ: How Safe Are The Coloured Dyes Used In Organic Fabrics?

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