We will only use cotton that has Organic Certification under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), is grown from non-modified seeds, with no harmful chemicals used to grow and process the cotton. Unfortunately, Australian grown cotton does not meet any of these requirements. Read more in our article, Why we don’t use Australian Cotton.

ON SALE HERE you’ll find discounted and discontinued dye lots, products with limited size choices, items that might be slightly imperfect but still beautiful and things that are perfectly good that we just need to clear, to make space for what’s coming next.

  • Coats Dual Duty Thread

  • EX DISPLAY Hardwood Bed Base – Daylesford – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic

    Available for immediate delivery!
  • TEAL Organic Cotton Poplin Bedding – Nursery

    Bassinet Sheet sets only
    Discontinued colour
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