All Organature hardwood furniture and beds are made to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks production time.

Every Organature bed or piece of furniture is hand-made on order, and is entirely unique. Each one has it's own variations in wood pattern and depth or shade of colour that can be achieved.
Most importantly, it is 100% Organic, Australian Made and free of toxic chemicals.

Most conventional wooden furniture is made using toxic glues and finishes and imported timber must be fumigated before it can enter the country. Almost all timber furniture, cots, cradles, chests, bunks and beds sold in Australia ARE imported.

All Organature® Bed Linen, Beds, Bunks, Cots, Trundles and Hardwood Furniture are chemical-free, toxin-free, additive-free. NO Harmful chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process. Proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish … so we can confidently call it 100% Organic.

Natural Timber is a hygroscopic material (which means it absorbs and expels water from its surrounding environment). This process is known as thermal expansion and can cause warping, swelling and potentially shrinkage. Generally trees have evolved to be resistant to this and can typically take temperature changes within their stride. Although all our timber is kiln dried, and therefore has gone through most of this process already, thermal expansion can still naturally occur. It is due to these natural occurrences that we do not use any glue, (including our non toxic glue) on these products to allow for the further contraction and expansion of the timber.  

Being a 100% natural timber, it will also have interesting knots, lines, grains and irregularities. This is the nature of timber. Although we do our best to match timbers as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee these irregularities will not show up. The plant based oils we use often blend these irregularities out and add extra character, which is unique with each item. The oils can have a slight odour that dissipates quite quickly. 

Organature uses AG Brown Sawmill timber as they are, and from our experience always have been, conscious of the importance of sustainability and source only from sustainably managed forests.

They are ‘Chain of Custody Certified’ by Responsible Wood and previous to this organisation, Browns was certified under the Forest Stewardship Council.  This certification tracks the process and is inclusive of the source of timber from sustainably managed forests.


Choose raw and sanded, or with non-toxic natural plant and mineral based oil in several colours. Minimal PVA glue used in joints, dries rock hard between timbers, no out-gassing. Decorative bolts included, special key supplied and components are numbered for ease of assembly. Slats are NOT oiled or painted.

An important note about finishes:

Applying natural oil on NATURAL raw timber is a completely different procedure than using chemical oils which if fact are not oils but “STAINS”.

“LIVOS” oils which we use on all furniture are applied and left for 20 minutes for the oil and pigment to penetrate into the timber, after which the excess oil is wiped off and left to dry naturally. Depending on the weather it can take several days to become dry enough to handle.     Mechanical drying is not possible.

Only one coat is applied which is sufficient with these natural oils. A second coat sometimes makes it darker but would still appear the same as one coat; ‘Dark and Light shading’. With more coats the drying takes longer. 

Timber varies, not just from from tree to tree, also within the tree depending where it is cut from and age of the tree. 

The end grain of the cut timber absorbs more oil and in turn pigment then it absorbs along the grain and causes the variation in density of the pigment.  

Oiling, wiping and more drying time is time consuming and therefore we would have to charge more. With tests we have found that more applications of the pigmented oil makes very little difference. 

Bear in mind that it is natural timber and not laminate, therefore the finish is unique to each piece of timber.

If we want a healthier life than we must take steps backwards and get rid of the many chemicals.

All Organature furniture, beds, mattresses, futons, bed bases and toppers are professionally delivered right throughout Australia by a specialist courier service. These items are carefully packaged and sent from our hygienic factory in Victoria and freight is charged according to your postcode. This cost is not included in your online order, and we will contact you to confirm quote prices. Feel free to email us to get a quote price before placing your order. If you select ‘Pick up from store’ – this will still incur a $50 fee for transport from our craftsman factory to our shop in Newhaven. 

  • Hardwood Sofa Double Bed with Cotton and Latex Futon BUNDLE – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic

    Bundle your hardwood sofa with a made to measure sprung futon mattress
  • Hardwood Sofa Double Bed with Cotton Futon BUNDLE – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic

    Bundle your hardwood sofa with a made to measure sprung futon mattress
  • Hardwood Sofa Double Bed with Sprung Cotton Futon BUNDLE – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic

    Bundle your hardwood sofa with a made to measure sprung futon mattress

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