The Founders of Organature

Organature was founded by Peter and Maureen Byl in 2004. They had previously worked for many years in a family business, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing bed linen, bedding and curtains.

In 1993 Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Testing showed the predominant cause of his illness to be the out-gassing of chemicals from the fabric used in the workplace and the overall work environment.

There is no total cure for this strange ailment which can strike anyone at any time; many people are already allergic to perfumes, detergents, soap powders and deodorants, due to the chemicals they contain! To-date the only recognised remedy and precaution is ‘Avoidance of Chemicals’. This is not only to the chemicals to which you are known to be affected, but also to other chemicals as these can cause the ‘domino’ effect.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can happen to anyone. Because you need your rest without the effects of chemicals, it is most important to avoid formaldehyde treated bedlinen and the other chemicals, such as Phenol, which they contain. Conventional cotton sheets often contain formaldehyde to make them ‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free’, ‘ Permanently pressed’, ‘Flame proof’ and many other fancy names.

Due to Peter’s ill health, the family business closed. As a consequence Peter and Maureen have made massive changes to their lifestyle and to their home environment – all for the better. Improvements in Peter’s health, due to these changes, combined with past knowledge and experience, enabled him to produce this exclusive range of organic cotton bedroom, bathroom and baby nursery products, and to help, not only those who have chemical sensitivities and allergies, but many others seeking a healthier lifestyle. Thus Organature was born.

Maureen and Peter are proud to offer you a higher quality and healthier textile product.

Organature Products

The ‘Certified Organic’ textiles industry in Australia really began in earnest when Organature commenced the manufacture and supply of organic and chemical free mattresses, bedding and bedlinen for babies, children and adults alike.

All of the fabrics, fillings, bedding, bed linen, towelling, manchester and clothing in the Organature range, are made from exclusive GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, grown by non-toxic methods and using only that water which falls directly from the sky – pure fresh rainwater! This makes them even more highly sought after by those who care for the future health of our children, the environment and our planet.

To minimise Peter’s exposure to the harmful chemicals that were making him sick, we searched for ‘CERTIFIED’ organic cotton products for the bedroom and a company in the Netherlands, able to supply rolls of certified organic cotton fabrics, was located. Importing the fabrics to make the products in Australia was the most economical and viable option. Raw cotton, including the cotton filling in imported toys, quilts, mattress protectors and pillows is mandated to be fumigated when it arrives in Australia; that is another harmful chemical.

Our fabrics and fillings are NOT fumigated and we do NOT use fire retardants.

Organature bedlinen products are packed in cellophane (a product made from tree cellulose), NOT plastic or plastic that looks like cellophane. Quilts pillows and mattresses are packed in bags made from our organic cotton fabric, ideal to be used for storage. Organic cotton and cellophane are natural materials, they are bio-degradable, and when used or worn out, can go into your compost.

Due to our experience and the way we control all aspects of the fabrics we have woven for us, the products we manufacture ourselves and those we have made especially for us, we can now offer YOU the BEST in Organic quality, clean production and price … without contamination from outside sources.

We hope our products will improve the quality of your life, just like they improved ours.

Our Fabrics

We have decided it’s best to import our own organic fabrics which unfortunately cannot be made in Australia as there is no equipment to produce these fine yarns or weave the better quality fabrics that we use for our linen and other bedding.

To keep the carbon footprints at its lowest, we import from our closest associate, India. India also has a much better climate that Australia for growing cotton naturally without the use of irrigated water. The most recent monsoon season in India produced the highest cotton yields of any country in the world (as reported by Landline ABC October 2019). Our organic cotton mattresses, quilts and pillows are the only ones made in Australia which are filled with Certified Organic Cotton. These products are manufactured under contract to our clean and organic specifications from the materials we supply. Most of our 100% Organic Cotton towels are made for us in India, however we are now able to make some of our own with imported terry toweling fabric sourced from certified mills that we have personally visited, to ensure that our high standards for cleanliness and organic purity with no chance of chemical contamination, are adhered to.

All organic bedlinen and other bedding products are Made in Australia in our own sewing rooms under strict clean conditions; the walls are painted with natural organic paint, the cutting table is Australian hardwood, we do not use chipboard or MDF, we are a family business and none of us use chemical fragrances, personal care products or perfumes.

We follow the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification standard but go even a step further. GOTS allow a maximum of 5% of an additive/addition as long as it is not harmful. We try to avoid any chemicals, even those which are tested to be safe, if not essential. For instance, we do not permit the chemicals OB, Optical Brightener in our fabrics; we don’t think they are necessary. Many shops have these Optically Brightened textile products on their shelves to attract customers to the ultra-white look. While permitted to be used under organic certification standards, Organic Cotton bed linen which contains these chemicals is often imported and sold in Australia by other retailers, but WE WILL NOT USE OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS! We consider our health and yours, to be more important.


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We’re thoughtful about how we treat, store and manufacture all our products. We care about your health and the health of our planet.

Proudly Made And Sold In Organature’s Own Sewing Room
Shop 1, 8/10 Forrest Avenue,
Newhaven 3925
Victoria – AUSTRALIA
Phone: (03) 5932 0914 or Text: 0431 142390

Our Staff

Business grew steadily in the first few years. We advertised in several organically inspired magazines and very much appreciated the positive feedback they generated. With the assistance of friends and family we set up stalls at trade shows and were blown away by the positive response yet again.

Orders increased, requests for new products multiplied  and our Organature range grew from basic sheets and doona covers into organic cotton filled quilts, bath robes and clothing.

At this stage, we needed more permanent help to expand the business further while at the same time fulfill our desire to deliver personal service and give experienced advice when asked, yet maintain our high standards to supply a quality product.

In a well timed move, several family members were inspired to join the business and thankfully, we have never looked back. This of course brought with it more capabilities to add yet another highly sought-after product to our range – Australian Hardwood Furniture.

After a few years, we had a need to expand further, and with a few team members leaving to move interstate, we also found the need to employ new staff and to find a new location which could hold our expansion.  The opportunity arose to move closer to Melbourne where not only could we house the large cutting table for our wide width fabric for cutting sheets, but also we could have a shop front.  Such an exciting step for us.  We employed some local staff members, and quickly become a new knowledgeable team, who each brings their own story.


The New Shop

Growth always brings new challenges, and we certainly did our share of soul searching. Should we sell (that would be a bit like selling your baby), should we close (unthinkable), or should we re-fresh, re-furbish, re-generate, re-locate. So that is what we did.

In March 2015, with support and encouragement from our daughter Genevieve, who is by now managing most areas of the business, we located to new premises in San Remo (near Philip Island), sought out new team members – a wonderful group of philosophy sharing souls who are also eager to improve their own health and life-style while considering and caring for others.

In March 2019 we made another move to a shop with better storage facilities, just down the road in Newhaven. In fact, our fabrics are now stored in a beautiful, clean and spacious area just out the back. So the venture continues, enjoying, expanding, and always searching for more knowledge and better ways to live organically, improve our existing products and increase our level of service.

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We now make an additional range of furniture, beds, baby cots, change tables etc. that can be shipped straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

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