12 Ways To Feel Better Quickly

We often hear from customers who are concerned about the adverse effects that exposure to chemicals can produce – well we can help you with that. Some don’t want to be exposed to plastics, glues, paint, perfumes, formaldehyde (found in most conventional bedding), printing ink, cigarette smoke or even to people who may have eaten or handled peanuts – we can help with that too. Not only can we help by providing clean, safe organic products to improve your quality of life and give your immune system a chance to strengthen itself, we also post thoughtful articles that may help you feel better in other ways too. In fact, EVERYTHING we do at Organature is because we want you to feel better.

This article was written by Elizabeth Richardson (our website admin and newsletter editor) who knows from first hand experience how important ‘what you think‘ and ‘how you feel‘ plays, in healing the body, soothing a dis-order or enhancing the ability in a disability. We hope you enjoy reading these few simple ideas, and if you only want to read one, please make it number 4.

Come Back To Well-Being

It doesn’t matter what’s gone wrong, you’ve woken up worried, didn’t get as much sleep as you’d like, you broke a nail, you have a headache or you’re in some other sort of emotional, mental, financial or physical pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little thing or a big thing – you’re out of your tree! (Meaning, you’re not in that gentle, connected, smooth, good feeling flow that brings everything you want, to you). Well-being is natural and you can get back to that feeling quickly and easily.  Here are 12 ideas that work magnificently for me. Maybe something here might strike a chord with you too.

1. MAKE PEACE WITH WHERE YOU ARE. You are where you are. It is what it is and trying to solve it right now is most likely creating even more stress. The moment you make peace with something or someone, you can feel the weight lifting off your shoulders. That’s a good thing. That allows your mind to settle and your spirit-side (or whatever you want to call it) to become more dominant again. I have a little mantra that I say to CALM myself, “I am where I am and it’s the perfect place to start. I have what I have and it’s more than enough. I’m creating what I’m creating by what I think, say and do. I’m going where I’m going, and a thousand angels are with me too.

2. GO TO YOUR SANCTUARY. Take time out, be still, stay quiet and slow down any negative momentum that might be running until you find your equilibrium again. (Our sanctuary at Organature is in the bedroom, where we spend most of our time).

3. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU CAME. I walked past the mirror yesterday and heard my little voice say, “You’re getting fat!” Now there’s nothing wrong with noticing something you’d like to change, but comments like these (usually ones that no one else can hear), are what starts negative energy flowing. Catching it quickly Catching it quickly and changing the thought can actually prevent some people from spiraling into depression (myself included). When I catch myself having a critical thought like that, I change it as quickly as possible and notice something I like about myself instead. Yesterday I acknowledged myself for how good I am at my work AND how much I love my work too. There’s always something to praise yourself (and others) for. This simple action starts energy flowing in a beautiful positive direction again. From there, long-term change is not only possible, but “given”.

4. B – R – E – A – T – H – E. Years ago I trained and worked as a Rebirth Practitioner. (These days we call it Conscious Breathing or Connected Breathing). We examined graphs of breathing patterns associated with someone in anger, fear, stress, cancer, pain, love, satisfaction and joy etc. People experiencing negative emotions or illness, breathed either forcefully, jerkily, spasmodically or hardly at all. People experiencing positive emotions and wellness, breathed fully, vibrantly, evenly and freely. We found that we could stimulate any emotion we chose, just by adopting that particular breathing pattern; great actors do it all the time. It’s not rocket science. Notice how you’re breathing right now, probably only just enough to save your life, right? Take a few deeper breaths and relax. Here’s a short useful video if you want to know a bit more … EMPOWERING PROCESS – Breathing To Improve Health And Prosperity.


6. GIVE SOMEONE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Doubt is a negative emotion. You can choose to keep thinking those same thoughts or not. Sometimes NOT thinking about that other person for a while, is the best gift you can give yourself.

7. DON’T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. You’ve made a decision that you thought was right at the time – stop questioning, criticising or berating yourself about it – that’s preventing you feeling your natural well-being right now and is so unnecessary.

8. LOOK FORWARD. No need to rehash a problem, keep telling others about it or even think about what you could have done differently. Look ahead and imagine the potential benefits or better still, get on with a task or activity you really enjoy.

9. STAY IN YOUR LANE and stay out of everyone else’s!

10. TREAT YOURSELF WELL. If there’s something that helps you feel better – do it, get it, create it, be it – no judgment.

11. CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. Neale Donald Walsh (in Conversations With God) asked a ‘mind opening’ question, “What if what you thought was wrong, was actually right?”


P.S. This article was inspired. I had to get out of the shower yesterday morning after I just got in, to write down all these points that kept coming, one by one. They flowed effortlessly when I started to think about how much I love my work. This happens a lot. It probably happens to you too, but I know that every time it happens to me, I have to share it. Someone, somewhere gets benefit, and lets me know that it helped. – With so much love, Elizabeth xox



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