What About Organic Koalas?

It’s still winter here in Melbourne with today’s breakfast time temperature only 10 degrees and I am so very thankful for my warm and cosy winter weight quilt and snuggly flannel sheets which I confess do make it a little harder to get out of bed.

A Great Deal For You

The sad part of this story is …. our astonishingly great TWO FOR ONE DEAL (EXPIRED) is coming to an end. Last call chance for this wonderful offer, which has been taken up and appreciated by so many of you, had to end sometime and 30th June is the very last day to take it up. Your response has been overwhelming so thank you.

Something Lovely For Your Bathroom

If Mint is your colour theme why not check out our MINT BATH TOWELS under the “Bathroom” section on our website. Again made using 100% Certified Organic Cotton Towelling and bound with self-colour, the range of sizes is from hand mitts and hair towels to large bath towels, face washers and more.

Something Cute For Babies And Kids

Another of our hot sellers at the moment is the cutest KOALA FABRIC DESIGN which is suitable for babies and children whilst appealing to all ages. It comes in two colourways, Mint and Natural and is available in sheet sets and quilt covers. It does look great teamed with our PLAIN DYE COLOURED SHEETS also and your little ones will love to get into bed with this friendly little marsupial. Naturally it is made using 100% Certified Organic Cotton and low impact dyes.

Thank You From The Baby Expo

Thank you to all of our lovely customer friends both old and new who visited us at the recent Baby Expo in Melbourne. It’s always such fun to put faces to the names we know, some of you from way back when it all began. We hope to see you all again same time next year.

Handy Hints For Better Health

Here are a couple of handy hints for all of you who are chemically sensitive/aware and struggle with everyday beauty and cleaning products around the home.

1/ The best furniture polish ever. A combination of equal parts olive oil and lemon juice brings my dining table up to a brilliant shine with little effort and appears to cover scratches too.

2/ If you are inclined to get an underarm rash from commercial deodorants and bra elastic, try Bi-carb Soda. Dusted on with a fluffy makeup powder brush it helps reduce not only the need for the deodorant but may help keep the rash at bay too.

3/ Lastly, if you cannot get to the shops every day or if a loaf of bread is too much for your use, try slicing off immediate requirement and slice the rest to store in CELLOPHANE BAGS and freeze.


Textile Standards Explained

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. Examples for items eligible for certification: Raw and

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Manufacturing An Organature Organic Innerspring Mattress

The Making of an Organature Mattress… https://organature.com/wp-content/uploads/The-Making-of-an-Organature-Mattress-INSTAGRAM.mp4 From the ‘hopper’ the cotton is fed into the carding machine where it is pulled apart and comes out in almost gossamer-like layers, eventually forming the thick pad

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What Does “Certification” Really Mean?

At Organature products are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton. All our fabrics and the filling for mattresses and futons are “GOTS Sustainable Textiles” (Global Organic Textile Standard), and certified. ‘Org’ products are manufactured in Australia from imported

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