Your Babies First Bed – The Best Start Possible

Our aim is to help raise happy, healthy babies and toddlers by relieving them of some of the thousands of chemicals in every day use. We believe we can start by providing them with a sound and healthy sleep on one of our Australian Organic Cotton Mattresses topped with an Organic Cotton protector and naturally covered with Organic Cotton Sheets, Quilt and Quilt Cover or one of our soft fleece blankets.

Your Baby’s First Bed, Should Be 100% Organic

During the last 15 plus years, as we personally became aware of the problems created by toxic lifestyles and environment, our own children and grandchildren have also followed this path of trying to reduce the chemicals in their lives. It is a matter of taking one step at a time and there is nowhere better to begin than with your precious little ones.

As passionate believers in reducing the chemical overload in our lives, as well as having personal close contact with both SIDS and Leukaemia before we were aware of what we now know, and having learned the hard way through research how to (almost) overcome the daily un-wellness of MCS, our wish is to pass on what we have learned to as many people as possible.

More and more mothers are becoming aware that conventional mattresses, bedding and bedlinen contain chemicals and that inhaling of these chemicals outgassing must be the reason of so many modern illnesses.

Babies and children’s immune system has to develop and while this takes place they are highly susceptible to chemicals.

The most commonly known chemical is Formaldehyde which is used in conventional textiles and also as fire retardants in mattresses. Formaldehyde is classed as carcinogenic. Another chemical which is rarely mentioned is Phenol; originally made from coaltar, (the same as creosote), now made from petro chemicals. Phenol is a nerve toxin.

Most commercial bedlinen (AND NOW ALSO BAMBOO textiles) sold in Australia, are imported from China.

Some time ago you may have read or heard that some bedding products by well known Australian brands were found to contain excessive, in fact many times the accepted safe limit of  Formaldehyde. This health damaging result is caused by lack of controls in China for Formaldehyde content and no control by Australian importers. The same would be said about Phenol control.

Conventional mattresses and bedding products are generally made for profit with no regard for your health.

Organature Innerspring and Futon mattresses, Toppers, Quilts and Pillows made under agreement in Australia using our “Certified Organic” Cotton fabrics and filling, and made to our even stricter than ‘organic’ specifications.

Should you be considering the purchase of futon or topper please note: Futons, toppers and pillows filled with 100% natural fibres such as cotton, wool, kapok, straw etc. are not the same as conventional products. Even these natural ones vary in construction and sleeping comfort. If you have never slept on, or used a futon, topper or pillow filled with 100% natural fibres, we prefer to talk to you before proceeding with your order.

Beds And Bedlinen Made With Great Care in Australia

Our bedlinen and other bedding products are proudly manufactured in our own factory and sewing room in the pristine rural area of South Gippsland, Victoria and in our beautiful new Showroom in Newhaven (Philip Island).

Our sewing and showroom walls are painted with natural organic paint, the cutting tables and shelving are Australian hardwood; we do not use chipboard or MDF. The suspended ceiling is hardwood with organic calico and insulation which does not contain Formaldehyde. We are a family business, none of whom uses chemical fragrances or personal care products, no perfumes or after shave which easily permeate the fabrics and cause a problem for those who are chemically sensitive. We use non petro chemical washing powders, dish washing liquid, personal and household cleaners.
Chemical pest or weed control is not used, no chemical antibacterial are used, simply vinegar.

Give Your Baby A Healthier Start To Life


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