Safer Natural Cleaning Products Now Used To Clean Public Facilities

Here’s Some More Good News!

Peter our founder, has managed to instigated change through the local South Gippsland Shire Council, so they no longer use the overwhelming smelling chemical cleaning products they previously used to clean public facilities and toilets.

Here’s How He Did It:

1. He pointed out that he is Chemical Sensitive and cannot use the public facilities due to the current cleaning fluids used there. Peter also mentioned that there are hundreds of people like him, and as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is accepted by the disability commissioner, the council was in breach of the disability act.
2. Peter also pointed out that what was being used by the shire was detrimental to all who used those facilities. (Has it been bothering you too?)
3. He suggested changing to a safer, natural product.
4. Peter recommended that the Council get samples of natural cleaning products from the Leongatha Health Food Store.
5. The Health Food Store suggested “Enviro Clean” (Australian-Made too – isn’t that fantastic!)
6. The Council cleaners tried it in one of the toilet blocks.
7. Peter tested the toilet bowl cleaner, found that it didn’t trigger his chemical sensitivities and approved it for use; in fact a stain which had been in their own toilet for a long time (caused by grey water usage) disappeared with the first application.
8. The South Gippsland Shire Council are changing over to now use this safer, natural cleaning product in all shire facilities.
9. Another win/win for all of us 🙂


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