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Various claims have been made about ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ’eco’, etc.  Many of those advertisements are misleading. Here are some examples:


Bamboo textiles are synthetic, not certified organic.

You know, some people go nuts about BAMBOO SHEETS because they are told that they are natural and anti-bacterial. But bamboo fibres are converted with chemicals to produce the yarn. This makes the process ’man-made’ and therefore synthetic, not natural and certainly not certified organic.

  • The natural bamboo plant is anti-bacterial.
  • Bamboo textiles are man-made, not organic and are NO LONGER anti-bacterial. Once chemicals are added the anti-bacterial properties are destroyed.
  • Bamboo destroys habitat for the Panda.
  • The process of pulverising the bamboo is performed with chemicals harmful to the environment and also destroys the anti-bacterial properties.

Latex in mattresses is foamed rubber, not latex.

Latex is the white plant sap of some plants and trees. Rubber trees produce this raw product. It is than converted with harmful chemicals into ‘rubber tyres’, ‘rubber gloves’ and ‘foamed rubber’. The addition of chemicals in manufacturing alters the organic state to man-made or ‘Synthetic’. Latex has become a very handy buzz word; some advertisers now call it ‘natural latex’; it sounds better but is no different.

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Chemicals are often used in plantations.

In many instances the plantations are sprayed with chemicals, many of these chemicals do not wash out. Rubber has a very strong odour.  E.g. smell rubber tyres. A chemical ‘ULTRA FRESH’ is used in mattresses to counteract and hide that smell. Frequently we are told by clients that they have purchased a (latex) mattress and ‘cannot stand the smell’.

Foamed rubber has fillers similar to, or the same as talcum powder.  

This ‘unnatural’ latex in your mattress, together with the synthetic outer fabrics and other synthetic components inside the mattress, does not allow the body to breathe properly. We have been informed by clients that they suffer with overheating and perspiration problems. Shedding of moisture builds up inside the mattress and promotes mould growth, just another thing to cause allergic symptoms and make you sick.

Memory foam, Tempur® is a plastic base.

Memory foam is no better than foamed rubber.

“Natural” does not mean without chemicals.

Some mattresses and futons are frequently referred to as natural bedding; but natural does not mean without chemicals. In many instances these mattresses contain plant products which are imported and according to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service regulations plant and tree products must be fumigated. During some research I have been informed that in some instances this fumigation is done overseas prior to shipping and sometimes again when it arrives in Australia.

Not all Organic Standards are as high as ours.

Some brands of organic cotton bedlinen imported and sold in Australia contain chemicals such as OB, Optic Brighteners, which are used to produce very white fabrics. This anomaly is possible because the Australian certifiers accept the overseas certifications without question and there are no restrictions for the use of this unnecessary chemical in Australia.

The mattress or futon may contain conventional cotton.

Cotton in those mattresses and futons would be conventional cotton which is heavily sprayed during growing, and before picking it is sprayed with a chemical to defoliate. (Agent Orange was used to defoliate in Vietnam War!)

Fire retardant chemicals are frequently added to mattresses by manufacturers.

These chemicals are classed in Europe as cancer causing. Retailers promote fire retardants as a sales tool and some tell their clients that it is a requirement by law which is false and thankfully is not the case in Australia. Organature products do not contain fire retardants.

What about wool? Wool is natural right?

But many children and adults suffer with allergies and can have allergic reactions towards any type of wool, even organic or bio-dynamic wool. Wool is most often produced on farms where chemicals are used on pastures and on the sheep. We are extremely careful that the materials we use do NOT have the potential to cause adverse health issues, so we will not use or promote any wool products.

Organature® is the only firm in Australia making organic bedlinen and bedding in Australian sewing rooms, with Australian labour, giving total control over the manufacturing process from start to finish.

The 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton we use — “Absolutely Purely Organic” — We don’t think there’s anything better to be breathing into while we sleep or wearing next to our skin.






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