Hardwood Laundry Hamper - AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic


This simple but attractive hamper comes as a flat pack with decorative bolts for quick assembling, and special key supplied. Australian hardwood frame approx. 85 cm high x 45 cm x 45 cm with ‘certified organic cotton’ washable flannel hamper insert. The 100% cotton fabric allows the clothing inside to breath. The same as with any conventional clothes basket, if wet garments are bundled together they can cause mould growth so make sure whatever you throw inside is relatively dry.

MADE TO ORDER in Organatures’ workshop using specially sourced Victorian Ash from managed plantations. Using timber without chemical fumigation.

LAUNDRY HAMPER ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Thread the laundry hamper onto any four shorter rails before attaching the bolts.

  1. Each hamper has 4 vertical posts (these are the longer pieces provided).
  2. Each hamper also has 8 shorter rails – 1 top and 1 bottom on all 4 sides.
  3. Insert the bolts through the vertical pieces, and match the thread up with the horizontal pieces
  4. Screw the bolts into the horizontal pieces.
  5. There is no wrong way to put them together, they are all drilled identically.

DELIVERY CHARGE: All Organature furniture, beds, mattresses, futons, bed bases and toppers are professionally delivered right throughout Australia by a specialist courier service. These items are carefully packaged and sent from our hygienic factory in Victoria and freight is charged according to your postcode. This cost is not included in your online order, and we will contact you to confirm the delivery price. You are welcome to email us to get a quote before placing your order.

DELIVERY TIME: Please feel free to place your orders, however, because each piece is individually handcrafted, and due to the current climate with Covid19, production time on all timber products is approx. 9 weeks.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT TIMBER FURNITURE SOLD IN AUSTRALIA: Did you know that most conventional wooden furniture is made using toxic glues and finishes? Imported timber must be fumigated before it can enter the country. Almost all timber furniture, cots, cradles, chests, bunks and beds sold in Australia ARE imported.

All Organature® Bed Linen, Beds, Bunks, Cots, Trundles and Hardwood Furniture is chemical-free, toxin-free, additive-free. NO Harmful chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process. Proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish … so we can confidently call it 100% Organic.

TO FIND OUT MORE: Please read Why Our Furniture Is A Healthier Option.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 15 cm
Timber Finishes

Raw and Sanded, Plant Based Oil Finish Clear

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