How Does Organature® Get To Do Things That Other Fabric Importers Can’t Do?

QUESTION: “Hi. I need to get a new mattress and bedding, I have various health issues and been diagnosed with a Lyme like illness. I also have mould sensitivity. With my health issues I need to try and minimise exposure to chemicals, mould and dust mites etc. I was looking into your products as a replacement to my current mattress and I have some questions. How are you able to import fabrics and cotton fillings etc. into Australia without them being fumigated?

ANSWER: Organature Certified Organic Cotton fabrics and other raw materials for our bedlinen, bedding, mattresses, futons, pillows and quilts are imported from our associate mill in India. They are packed in multi layers of plastic and/or multi layers of fabric for total protection from outside contaminants. They are then isolated in a clean container where no other goods are added. The container is closed and locked and is not unlocked and opened until it arrives in Melbourne Port where customs inspect the goods and container.

These steps avoid any possible cross contamination and assures the continued ORGANIC status.

Certain documents are sent with the goods in container. Other documents are provided to customs via our importing agent. The goods in the container are then released and transported to our warehouses. Should fumigation be required, customs would notify our agent who in turn would then inform us. However …

NO fumigation has ever been required during our almost 16 years of importing because the goods are always clean.

Any further storage and handling in Australia is under our control and the cleanest possible methods can be assured. It is in our own interest to maintain these high standards due to chemical sensitivities among family, staff members and many, many customers.

It is in fact the whole reason for Organature’s being.

Peter Byl (CEO and founder of Organature® Australia).

P.S. You may also like to read why our standards are higher than other manufacturers in Australia and how they rival any Organic Production standards in the world. (Click on article below).



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