The Cleanest Production & Transporting Standards in Australia – safe for chemical sensitivity sufferers

We deal with a lot of people who have problems because of chemicals in the environment where they live and work. There are also many who may not have a distinct problem but want to avoid chemicals because they have become aware that exposure to chemicals (often ones you cannot even smell) are responsible for a majority of ill health and general un-wellness in our society.

  • Organature® works to European certification standards, as Australian and U.S. certifications are not good enough for Peter, our founder. For example, organic products are allowed to be stored in toxic plastic packaging, but he will not use it. Instead we use true cellulose, which is completely non toxic, safe for food storage and fully biodegradable.
  • Our fabrics are only cut and packed on hardwood timber benches, and our pillows, quilts and mattresses are all shipped in their own certified organic cotton bags for protection. These are not requirements of any certification standard.
  • Staff do not wear any perfumes, lotions, sprays or other toxic body-care products and all their clothing is washed in chemical free washing powder to make sure that every aspect of our manufacturing, storage, supply, transfer and delivery process is as clean and as pure as possible.
  • Even the ink we use to print our invoices and price-lists is the safest we can find on the market. There are no sprays to contend with and it dries immediately. We’ve been using this for ink for many years now and in the beginning when we sent information to people with chemical sensitivity they could not understand why it was possible for them to actually read our brochures, because they’d previously received a reaction when they tried to read others.
  • We sell direct to the consumer so that you can feel confident that your products are safe from contamination by third party outside sources.
  • Organature® mattresses, futons and toppers are packed firstly into an organic calico bag, then a heavy duty plastic bag (this is required to protect from elements during transport) and lastly into an outer carton. Other goods such as bed linen are wrapped in true cellulose film, or a calico bag, then either heavy duty paper or a well aired cardboard box.
  • In our shop and factory, the cutting tables and the shelving are constructed from Australian hardwood, (we do not use chipboard or MDF). We recycle boxes. The shed where our bed bases, cots, bedside tables, chests and other furniture is made is located close by on a family property surrounded by tall eucalypts and native plants.

As a family who own and run the entire enterprise, we can control every facet of our business. For instance, we do not use chemical fragrances or chemical personal care products, like perfumes or after shave, which may permeate the fabrics and cause a problem for those who are chemically sensitive. No chemical washing powders, dish washing liquid, personal or household cleaners are used here. For cleaning we simply use vinegar and bi-carb soda. And it goes without saying that chemicals are not used for pest or weed control either. In fact it’s easy to put simply –

No fly spray, just a swat.
No weed killers, just tools and hands.
No oven cleaner, just elbow grease.
No air fresheners, just fresh air.
“Absolutely Purely Organic.”


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