What Does “Certification” Really Mean?

QUESTION: I’m curious, as you talk about Certified Organic but nowhere on your website can I see an Organic Certification label?

ANSWER: We do not display certification on our website because, it does not mean what you might think it does!

[alert type=”info” close=”yes”]At Organature, each and every shipment we send out, gets an individual certificate directly applicable to the product/s you have purchased.[/alert]

  1. Firstly, anyone can add a certification label as unfortunately, it cannot be fully monitored in the vastness of the internet.
  2. Secondly, certification is only valid for a period of time and companies can continue to display the certificate, even after it has expired. We have had firsthand experience of this, whereby a company was displaying a label and when we looked into it for our own use, the certification company told us they were no longer certified as it had expired. The certification company, then explained to us that there is no way that monitoring can be done 100% of the time.
    At Organature, each and every shipment we send out, gets an individual certificate directly applicable to the product/s you have purchased.
    On our invoices, you will see something similar to the following …
    Our products are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton. All our fabrics and the filling for mattresses and futons are “GOTS Sustainable Textiles” (Global Organic Textile Standard), and certified. ‘Org’ products are manufactured in Australia from imported “certified organic cotton” fabrics and filling. All further processing has been done to organic standards. ‘Org-Terry’ products are imported, made from “certified organic cotton yarn” and processed to organic standard.
  3. Finally, we have been manufacturing organic products since 2004 and Organature was only born out of Peter’s ill health. He suffered severely from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, as do many of our customers, so we only work with products that are safe for his use, and with those he has fully researched and tested.

We Work ‘Above’ Organic Certification Standards

Organature works to European certification standards, as Australian and U.S. certifications are not good enough for him. For example, organic products are allowed to be stored in toxic plastic packaging, but he will not use it. Instead Organature uses true cellulose, completely non toxic, safe for food storage and fully biodegradable.

Organature fabrics are only cut and packed on hardwood timber benches, and our pillows, quilts and mattresses are all shipped in their own certified organic cotton bags for protection. These are not requirements of any certification standard.

Staff do not wear any perfumes, lotions, sprays or other toxic body-care products and all their clothing is washed in chemical free washing powder to make sure that every aspect of our manufacturing, storage, supply, transfer and delivery process is as clean and as pure as possible.

Even the ink we use to print our invoices and pricelists is the safest we can find on the market. There are no sprays to contend with and it dries immediately. We’ve been using this for ink for many years now and in the beginning when we sent information to people with chemical sensitivity they could not understand why it was possible for them to actually read our brochures, because they’d previously received a reaction when they tried to read others.

How We Keep Our Prices So Reasonable

Organature supply to many people who are so sick they cannot work, therefore Peter tries to keep prices as low as he possibly can to make it affordable for these customers. If Organature were to invest in a blanket Certification, which does not even come close to the the standards Peter expects of certified organics, he would have to pass that cost on and prices would increase.

I’m pleased you have asked the question as so many people go blindly into purchasing ‘organic’, when in fact it is mostly used as a hyped-up marketing word! However, please be aware of the enormous lengths we go to in order to provide you with genuinely cleaner, healthier, chemical free products. It all comes from a very personal level.

The fact that we are Australian Made and our base fabrics are imported WITHOUT fumigation is another example of the priority Peter has made in ensuring our products are completely free from the type of toxins than can be the cause of the most debilitating illnesses, to things that are often commonly accepted as “natural decline”, the effects of aging, a feeling of lethargy, mood swings, mental confusion and general un-wellness.

It is natural to feel a sense of ease and wellbeing,
no matter what age you are.
Anything less is simply not good enough!

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about the changes you might wish to make, to improve and restore the health, wellbeing and wholeness, that is your birthright.


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