At last. We Got Some Healing Sleep.

Everything is perfect. We picked the boxes up from the depot no problems.

We unpacked and built the frames last Friday and enjoyed a week of healing sleep. Just priceless.

Thank you for your support. The idea, concept, and ethics behind Organature are just fantastic and worth supporting (every penny). – Nils (October 2017)


Manufacturing An Organature Organic Innerspring Mattress

The Making of an Organature Mattress… From the ‘hopper’ the cotton is fed into the carding machine where it is pulled apart and comes out in almost gossamer-like layers, eventually forming the thick pad

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Have You Seen What’s In Your Pillows?

Did you know that ‘Mill Waste’ is used in many local and imported products, especially the cheaper ones? We ONLY sell pillows and cushion inserts made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton or 100% Organic Silk Cotton

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