Have You Seen What’s In Your Pillows?

  • Did you know that ‘Mill Waste’ is used in many local and imported products, especially the cheaper ones?

  • We ONLY sell pillows and cushion inserts made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton or 100% Organic Silk Cotton fillings. All covered in 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

  • NO polyesters, NO additives, NO foam, NO waste materials.

  • We import ALL our pillow and quilt fillings from a GOTS Certified Mill in India and our fillings, covers, protectors and fabrics are definitely NOT fumigated.



We are the only firm in Australia who make all bed linen and bedding accessories in our own sewing rooms and have total control over the manufacturing process. The essential ingredient in an Organature PILLOW is pure certified organic cotton or 100% Organic Silk Cotton which are both grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests. Manufactured in a clean environment and covered in our natural Organic Cotton, our pillows do not create the excessive sweating endured when sleeping on a synthetic one.


Including a Standard Size and Queen Size, the Boomerang and Body Pillow, these are all filled with organic silk cotton. “Silk” Cotton is a special strain of cotton, it is 100% Silk Cotton. There is no ‘silk’ in the pillows.

Silk cotton grows on the Silk-cotton tree, (Bombax ceiba), a native to the Asian tropics. It is an evergreen tree; it is not like the cotton plant. The tree grows naturally in jungle country areas; it is not grown on organized farms, it grows in all types of soil; natural rainfall is enough for this tree to flourish. No artificial fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides are used; it is free from GMO; it is naturally clean because it grows high in the Silk-cotton tree. “Silk Cotton” is 100% True Organic. In India it is widely used for pillow filling. India has a hot and humid climate and is similar to many parts of Australia. Like Organic Cotton the Silk Cotton fibre helps to reduce the heat from the human body and provides a sound sleep. Silk cotton is very soft and has a luster like silk; hence it is called Silk cotton, there is no ‘silk’ content, there is no ‘cotton’ content, only Cotton Silk. Spinning is not possible from this fibre, however in some instances up to 20% of Silk cotton is mixed with normal Cotton to spin yarn which is then used in Knitting Industry.


As there can always be those accidental spills, the use of our pillow protectors which may be washed and aired frequently, will help prolong the life of your healthy pillow purchase. Our PILLOW PROTECTORS are made in Australia from Organatures’ exclusive Org-Suede Flannel fabric.


If you’re currently sleeping on cheap synthetic pillows, research suggest they should be replaced every 6 – 12 months and if you’ve ever opened them before you throw them away, you might be shocked at what you find. Our organic pillows last for 2 – 4 years before you need to consider replacing them. If you are feeling unwell, lethargic or unable to recover in reasonable time from an illness, getting a new pillow is the first thing we recommend to improve your general health and well-being.

*We always want you to be happy but please note that under the Health Act, Pillows, Underlays, Quilts, Bed Toppers, Mattresses and Pillow Protectors are NON-REFUNDABLE unless faulty.


  • Standard Pillow 45 x 70 cm approx. 700 grams of filling.
  • Queen Pillow 53 x 73 cm approx. 1000 grams of filling.
  • Standard Half fill Pillow 45 x 70 cm approx. 350 grams of filling.
  • Hi Loft Pillow 45 x 70 cm approx. 900 grams of filling.
  • Europe Pillow 60 x 60 cm approx. 1100 grams of filling.
  • Cot/Travel Pillow 37 x 58 cm approx. 300 grams of filling.
  • Boomerang Pillow 40 cm (width at bend of pillow) and 110 cm (length, across longest length of pillow) approx 1000 gram filling.
  • Body Pillow 48 x 150 cm approx. 1500 grams of filling.

Note: Pillow specification is based on weight of the fill not height of pillow.


  • 40 x 40 cm pack of 4 standard cushion inserts.
  • 60 x 60 cm is a Europe pillow and sold individually.


Chelsea | 2 reviews | 07/01/2013

These pillows are a life saver, after becoming allergic to my cheap nasty polyester pillows I had to throw them out and had been sleeping on a rolled up cotton towel. After punching in 100% cotton pillows into google I came across Orgranature and found that they had exactly what I wanted, cotton fill inside and cotton cover outside, chemical and fragrance free and organic to boot, what a bonus. I received my new pillows the very next morning after purchasing online. I bought a standard half fill for myself as I like to lay pretty flat and curl the very edge of the pillow up into the nape of my neck and a standard pillow for my boyfriend. We couldn’t be happier with the pillows they are very comfortable and best of all no smells or nasty chemicals to make me sick. Thank you to everyone at Organature for helping me to sleep easier.

Eva | 2 reviews | 23/02/2015

I recently purchased two of these pillows, one for my husband and I. We’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I have to say that I’ve never been so happy with a pillow! There is always something I don’t like – too high, too smelly, too hot etc, but these are perfect. My husband said to me yesterday “those new pillows are TOO good. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!” He usually complains about pillows too! We specifically wanted organic too as we are gradually trying to go organic with most household items.

Elizabeth | 1 reviews | 1/03/2019

A few years ago, a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a weird looking grub thing growing inside his old pillow. These days, manufacturers fumigate their pillow fillings so that no longer occurs. I’m not sure what’s worse!!! After seeing that picture, I’ve happily switched to buying Certified Organic Pillows ever since.


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