GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fleece Fabric - various colours


Range of colours including Natural, White, Cafe Latte, Pink, Slate Blue and Mint. The Natural Organic Fleece is un-bleached and un-dyed for those who are extra careful about what they put next to their skin. Natural, certified organic and unbleached is the ideal choice for people wanting to live as allergy-free and sensitivity-free as possible. GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Fabric available for sale by the metre. Country of Origin: India.

OUT OF STOCK NOTICE: Due to Covid, we are currently out of White and Pink fabric. The website will be updated when stock becomes available.

Fabric is cut to order, as per standard policy, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds or credits. Fabric can take up to two weeks before cut due to the size of the rolls. Please be aware to allow up to two weeks for your order to be cut, due to our small team experiencing high demand.

USEFUL TIP: When purchasing natural fleece for clothing purposes, we recommend that you lay the fabric flat for a few hours and stretch the width slightly prior to pattern laying and cutting.

  • 310 GSM.
  • Width: approx. 200 cm.
  • Minimum length 2 metres and then in 1 metre increments up to the maximum of 20 metres. Priced per metre.

CUTTING LENGTHS: Unfortunately we cannot cut more than 10 metres at one time due to safety concerns in our studio. Therefore when ordering more than 10 metres, please specify two lengths you would like the fabric cut. An Example of 12 metres, could be 10 metres and 2 metres, OR 6 and 6 metres. You can write your two preferred cutting lengths in the customer comments sections when placing your order.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: WASHING: Washing in COLD water is recommended. Maximum temperature for washing organic cotton fleece is 30 C as anything higher than this may degrade the fibres and reduce the lifespan of your product. Do not use commercial softening products as they may affect your health and alter the organic nature of the product. Organic cotton fleece is a knitted fabric, pull gently into shape after washing. DRYING: Line dry after gently pulling into shape; avoid strong sunlight which can cause bleaching and deterioration of this quality fabric. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Iron the back of the fabric with steam if needed.


White, Natural, Pink, Muted Clay, Mint, Latte, Slate Blue

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