New Fold Out Sofa Bed Provides Healthy Solution

Below is the transcript of a conversation that has become rather¬†common these days, with a customer who is sensitive to chemicals, a¬†husband with multiple health issues, and Organatures’¬†founding Owner.

CUSTOMER: I’m thrilled to find your site.

PETER: I started this business because I am also sensitive to chemicals, a lot worse 15-25 years ago to what I am now which is due to my decision to avoid as many chemicals as possible, mainly my bedroom to start with. Because I started to improve so much I decided to assist others. My background in the conventional bedding and bedlinen trade, (where I was injured by the outgassing of the many chemicals used in textiles), assisted me hugely to start this Organic business.

CUSTOMER: I need a natural bed solution; husband needs a better mattress to help his back.

PETER: Back problem are aggravated by chemicals, believe me, I used to suffer constantly.

CUSTOMER: We bought a 2nd hand one, but haven’t been able to even bring in the house due to the smell.

PETER: That is because old mattresses are laden with mould on the inside, every time you put yourself on the mattress the fine mould spores come through the fabric. Also synthetic foam rubber and the synthetic fabrics around and inside the mattress take years to outgas.

CUSTOMER: I am chemically sensitive.

PETER:¬†Sleeping on an old mattresses and being around synthetics¬†is most likely what’s making you feel worse.

CUSTOMER: Maybe what husband sleeps on now is also causing other problems too, like breathing trouble and heart issues, aches, etc.

PETER: You are so right, all that does not give the body the rest it needs; the chemicals picked up during the day affects your immune system and during the nightly sleep the immune system should recuperate which it cannot because of the chemicals you keep breathing in.

CUSTOMER: Need a good solution, limited house space, very limited, so a fold out sofa/couch is a good idea.

PETER: The fold out sofa bed is a good idea for small spaces but the problem is; the mattress is either a futon which is soft in the early days but becomes fairly firm after a short period especially if you are using it as a permanent solution for sleeping on. If you have never slept on a futon, the one without springs or rubber filling, before, I do not recommend them for adults, though they are OK for children as they get used to the firmness. Chiropractors tell people that they should sleep on a firm mattress; but they also sell synthetic and foamed rubber pillows, affecting the immune system! Why? A double standard! The other option is our Sprung Futon, which is made as one unit with ‚Äėlow profile‚Äô springs, (the same ones used in cot mattresses), and made with two spring units inside for seat and back. We cannot give you any guarantee if used by two adult persons though as we do not know weight of couple and although we have already sold a double, it was only for one person. A Queen Size Sofa Bed is also possible as a special order. Contact us for more details.

ADDITIONAL INFO MARCH 2019: Peter has now designed a sturdy, comfortable, chemical-free Hardwood Double Sofa Bed with Sprung Futon Mattress ‚Äď AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic ‚Äď as a result of so many enquiries.

CUSTOMER: What solution do you have with¬†good support¬†for a tall man who needs back comfort — and natural products like you make.

PETER: For a combination of your husband and yourself I can only recommend our innerspring with everything, bedding and linen, pillows, quilts, blankets, in fact EVERYTHING for the bed to be 100% certified organic cotton products and a hardwood bed base. All our products are 100% certified organic cotton, no additives, timber products are 100% Australian hardwood, we use minimal glue but is a special one which dries rockhard in 10 minutes and does not outgas.

CUSTOMER: What would it cost for us to get the full set we’d need.¬†Are there¬†any special offers you can give?

PETER:¬†We do not discount, we are like doctors, perhaps better, as we provide you with the answer to the problem and assist you with a healthier lifestyle without chemicals. However we do have special packages, ‚Äúpurchase a timber base, (sofa included), and innerspring or futon you will be able to purchase any bedding and bedlinen at a reduced price‚ÄĚ.

CUSTOMER: So I can now propose I am really excited to find you. As I write I’m still nauseous from attempting to clean the chemical smell from the mattress a couple hours ago, but just thinking about your beds gives a joyful feeling. There is hope!

YES there is hope for you and your husband to start feeling better again. Please get back to me with any questions, reply to this email. If you want prices or are ready to order please Contact Us Here.


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