How We Keep Our Prices So Reasonable

Here at Organature, we manufacture, supply and produce of a large range of organic products for the home and deliberately sell direct to the public without any middle men, so we can do it at the best possible prices. We do not have huge margins on our products like so many retailers who put on a high price so that they can pretend to discount.

Thousands Of Customers Right Around Australia

We appreciate that some of our customers are pensioners and we also sell to a lot of people who have illnesses which make it really challenging for them to earn a reasonable living.

Our founder Peter was one of those himself for some 15 years, and had to retire because he became so sensitive to chemicals in the environment and was often in bed for weeks on end trying to recover from constant exposure.

His experience in the conventional bedding and bedlinen trade was the cause of this debilitating illness, which then inspired him to begin our organic manufacturing business and assist other people who might be suffering with similar health problems like allergies, hay-fever, asthma, rashes, lethargy and eczema etc. He now speaks to people on a daily basis who are going through what he did.

Restoring Health

Peter successfully discovered ways to restore his health and raise his quality of life and now he gives others the same opportunity, without needing to do the endless research, reading, health checks and product testing to find out what really works.

How Did He Do It?

He changed his life out of sight, with a change-over to 100% Certified Organic Cotton Bedroom and a relatively chemical-free Australian Timber Home.

Health Benefits Passed On To You

Right from the beginning he decided to ONLY sell direct so that people could obtain the most healthy, clean and pure products at the most reasonable prices. Along with that he provides a vast resource of knowledge and experience which is beyond what most medical practitioners are directly aware of. Gradually changing over to a chemical free home might very well change your life too.

We Don’t Discount Our Products

Having explained that, we know you will understand why we cannot discount.

Thank You

We’d like to acknowledge the many customers who value our time, thoughtfulness, care and consideration of their needs and who openly appreciate the reasonably priced, quality, health promoting products we offer.


Baby Safety, Health and Wellbeing

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