May is MCS Awareness Month

May is MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Awareness month. Primarily promoted in the US, but expanding globally, it is a time to recognise the disease and spotlight the challenges faced by those living with this life-altering condition.

In 1993, Organature founder and CEO, Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Testing showed the predominant cause of his illness to be the out-gassing of commonly used chemicals from textile product and bed linen manufacture.

Since the diagnosis, Peter and Maureen made massive changes to their lifestyle and to their home environment ā€“ all for the better. The resulting improvements in Peterā€™s health, combined with knowledge and experience, enabled him to produce an exclusive range of organic cotton bedroom, bathroom and baby nursery products, and to help, not only those who have chemical sensitivities and allergies, but many others seeking a healthier lifestyle. Thus Organature was born.

Individuals with MCS often struggle with debilitating symptoms triggered by “everyday” chemicals and fragrances. These potentially toxic chemicals are used in so many products, they can almost seem impossible to avoid.

It is a constant battle, but with proper self-care and strict environmental adjustments, sufferers can take steps to improve their health and well-being. By creating an environment free from chemicals and fragrances and adopting often time honoured, natural cleaning practices, products and remedies, those with MCS can find some relief and strive to reclaim their quality of life.


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