FEELING BETTER – getting relief from allergies, depression, chronic fatigue

Are you feeling better?

We know how much environment and diet play in helping you feel good. Symptoms for most people show up over time and start with a feeling of general un-wellness, tiredness, irritability, sadness, skin problems and slower healing and recovery rates. Sometimes we put these symptoms down to ageing and what some might consider as natural decline, but if you keep a note of when symptoms worsen you can often associate them as being “triggered” by something that’s chemical related.

We receive several emails each week from people who have traced the “trigger” to their symptoms and as a result, are able to create an even more improved quality of life by being thoughtful about what they put in and around their bodies.


Here is a short list of problems that can be significantly relieved by using Organics.

Asthma, Eczema, ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Gulf War Syndrome, Environmental Illness (EI), Sick Building Syndrome, Fybromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety.


I have an allergy to certain products which make me feel chronically fatigued and depressed, are your products okay? Are there any chemicals that could cause a reaction, especially polyester and formaldehyde? Are they 100% cotton?


I and my team understand your chemical sensitivity and the difficulty in obtaining products which are safe for people like you (and myself included as I have reactions to chemicals called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS). Not all MCSrs suffer with the same problems, however we at Organature try to assist as much as possible.

First let me assure you that all our products are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton, except some garments which may also contain some hemp, but hemp is grown and processed without harmful chemicals.

The dyes in Certified Organic textiles, which are permitted under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are chemical but they are the safest available. Use of Natural dyes such vegetable dye would be preferred if you can do this at home but they are not an economical manufacturing proposition for volume production.

The problem with non-organic dyed textiles is the fact that most textiles contain polyester or some other synthetic fibre and the dye has to be SET, (keyed into the fibre), and is done with a harmful chemical.

100% Cotton does not require this harmful chemical as the dyes are mostly absorbed by the cotton. YES, the dye of the darker colours will come out for a while with washing.

Certified Organic Cotton contains

  • NO Formaldehyde
  • No Phenol
  • No Petro-Chemicals
  • No Polyester.

Some Organic cotton textiles, which are mainly garment fabrics may contain elastene but the max is 5% and is/must be disclosed on the garment care labels. Our bedding and bedlinen are 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Occasionally people have reactions to corn/maize. Yarn for bedlinen fabric has to be stiffened otherwise weaving is not possible. Corn starch is used to perform this function, however this is washed out/desized before fabrics are Oxy bleached (safe white bleaching), dyed and printed. If the starch is left in the fabric it is known as CALICO. We also have a fabric which we refer to as NATURAL. This is fabric which came from the weaving loom and has only been desized. It is the same as calico but the starch has been removed.


Whether you are looking for sheet sets, organic pillows and pillow cases, quilt covers, for yourself, your children or your baby, we have a large range. We make pillows, quilts, blankets and towels. We also have a range of fun and funky baby and children’s garments.

On the larger side of things, we produce innerspring mattresses which range from cot to king-size and futons made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton to provide a truly healthy night’s sleep.

One more thing, we have had great pleasure in creating is our hardwood timber furniture range. After numerous requests from clients (who discovered that imported and even local timber products are frequently fumigated and finished with chemical-based paints or varnish), we now manufacture several styles of bed bases, bunks and trundles. These are made in a small family workshop in Victoria and crafted from Australian hardwood. This timber is from managed forests and sourced from a local timber mill thus reducing carbon impact.



Our beautiful Timber BEDS, BUNKS, TRUNDLES and BED SIDE TABLES are made specially for us in South Gippsland, using Victorian Ash from managed plantations. Purchased from a local mill to reduce carbon footprint. With No Toxic chemicals, No MDF, No Chipboard, No Fumigation, No Chemical Paint and No Toxic Glues used during any part of the manufacturing process.


Choose raw and sanded, or with natural plant and mineral based oil in several colours. Minimal special glue used in joints, dries rock hard between timbers, no out-gassing. Decorative bolts included, special key supplied and components are numbered for ease of assembly. Slats are NOT oiled or painted.


We sell direct to the consumer so that you are able to purchase at reasonable prices and can feel confident that your products are safe from contamination by third party outside sources. Organature mattresses, futons and toppers are packed firstly into an organic calico bag, then a heavy duty plastic bag (this is required to protect from elements during transport) and lastly into an outer carton. Other goods such as bed linen are wrapped in true cellulose film, or a calico bag, then either heavy duty paper or carton.

I hope this answers even more than your questions.
Kind regards.
Peter (Founder Organature)

This Weeks Healthy Living Idea

How to get quick relief from sensitivities and allergies and get a much better nights sleep.

Create a ‘safe haven’ bedroom. Your body needs to have the opportunity to detox overnight while sleeping. Remove everything from the room (including and importantly the carpet) except your bed and bedding. Vacuum and clean thoroughly with a vinegar solution to help clear any mould and house dust-mites.

Remove the clothes from the wardrobe, the books from the bookshelf or nightstand and never ever be tempted to have a TV, mobile phone or any other electronic gadget in your bedroom. Use a quality air purifier. Do not use anything fragranced including deodorants, cleaning products, candles and scented air fresheners

Go back to basics and accept the idea that you do not need to update your home for fashion trends. Update only when that which you have is worn out. There is comfort, security, home-style memories and ambience when you recycle, reuse, re-purpose and re-life things you own. – Maureen Byl (Co-founder of Organature)


Do you use organics to help relieve any illness, allergies or persistent health problems? Here’s a message Hanna sent us recently.

REVIEW OF ORGANATURE: Hanna | 2 reviews | 08/07/2018

“I have a rare allergic disorder which means I have to live in a controlled environment. It’s always a difficult hunt to find materials that are safe for me to use. The products at Organature are the safest I have come across, and the whole team really went out of their way to ensure no contamination. They were always polite and able to assist with any problems that arose for me. For anyone needing to avoid chemicals or other contaminants, this is the best product, service and care that you will find.”

Give us a call or send us a message if you think we can assist you too. We’d love to hear from you.

What THINGS could you change to help you feel better? Leave your comment below.


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