ON SALE HERE you’ll find discounted and discontinued dye lots, products with limited size choices, items that might be slightly imperfect but still beautiful and things that are perfectly good that we just need to clear, to make space for what’s coming next.

Discounted products are only slightly flawed, typically with small marks, stains or small natural dye runs. We do not have mass production overseas on big machines, our products are individually made by happy humans. The flaw does not affect the performance or organic status of the product.

We hope you enjoy browsing and pick up a bargain or two.

VISIT THE ORGANATURE SHOP if you’d like to take a look through our entire range from the Organic Baby Nursery, Organic Cotton Bedroom, Australian Toxic-Free Hardwood Timber Furniture, Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattresses & FutonsOrganic Clothing for all the family, The Organic Bathroom, Timber Beds, Bunks, Trundles, Hardwood Timber Furniture and Sewing Room Fabric & Filling.

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