Reducing The Use Of Plastic In Australia

Have you noticed that there’s recently been a big push¬†to reduce the use of plastic in Australia?¬†Since Organature commenced in 2003 we knew how important this would be and not just for the health of our planet, but for the improved health of people in general. Right from the beginning our linen products like sheets, quilt covers, mattress and pillow protectors have been packed in true cellulose film.

True cellulose is made from trees and is compostable and totally biodegradable, unlike those bags claiming to be biodegradable which need exposure to air and light to decompose!

We sell these cellulose bags which are ideal for sandwiches, and snacks, bread, fruit, and storing meat in the fridge or freezer. Anything to replace plastic.

Even the care labels sewn into our Australian Made bedlinen are 100% cotton.

All our Quilts, pillows, mattresses, futons and toppers are stored and supplied in organic cotton bags. The cord used to close these bags is 100% cotton. We use only small paper labels without photo illustrations to show product description rather than shiny plastic covered cardboard inserts.

Our larger items such as mattresses, futons and toppers, also have their own organic cotton bag and then, one only plastic bag is used to protect it from contamination and weather elements during transport. Packaging for transport is in a new carton (or recycled only where they have been previously used for organic textile products.) Cardboard tubes and cartons from our imported fabrics and finished goods are taken to the local recycle station.

We estimate that what we use is 95-98% biodegradable.

After a recent trial run we have requested our organic cotton fabric supplier in India for our fabric rolls and other products to be wrapped in organic cotton fabric. They have assured us that this will take place commencing with goods due in our next container.

This weeks Healthy Living Idea

“While the weather is still cold, SOUPS are a fabulous meal or snack idea. If you don’t have the time or the fresh ingredients to make your own, the supermarkets have some new pouch ranges you might like to check out. I particularly like the gluten and dairy free La¬†Zuppa Tuscan Chicken & Veg soup AND the Hart & Soul Vegetarian Laksa. Extra delicious and created by a trained nutritionist who really cares about using wholesome ingredients.” – Elizabeth Richardson (Organature Website Admin)

Things that make us Feel Good!

Did you know that we now make a range of organic household products?

They’ve been incredibly useful for babies, children, adults (and pets) with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, those who need relief from illness and people who know that …

Using Organics Just Feels Better!

Robyn had some great success. Here’s what she wrote to us about our organic versatile wipes.

Robyn Goulding | 2 reviews | 08/01/2015
I recently purchased the Versatile Wipes for my 7yr old female Labrador dog to use as a soft wipe for her face. She had a Mast Cell Tumour diagnosis last year and suffers with ulcers under her chin occasionally. So I needed something that would be gentle and effective to mop her chin after her water bowl drinks. The versatile wipes are the best thing. They are so gentle and she doesn’t mind in the least when I touch her chin now and waits until I have mopped her chin dry. Before I had a non-organic cotton washer and whilst she would let me wipe her chin she would move away as soon as possible. I also tried one for my makeup removal and I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness and gentle effectiveness in removing even eye makeup and mascara. I‚Äôm a qualified beauty therapist and I have not had anything that did not drag on the skin especially around the delicate eye area before using the versatile wipes. Just a beautiful feel on the skin. Thank you Peter and Team.

Will you tell us what you think?

Have you had success by making some simple changes too? We’d love to know what’s helped you or someone you know to feel better. What you have to share might be just what someone else really needs to read. Just leave your comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

The Organature Team

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