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Why Choose Healthy, Chemical Free, Organic Bedding?

When people come to us they often ask, “What can I do to feel better?”

We’ve found that the best place to start making improvements is where you spend most of your time – in the bedroom!

When you are resting and your mind is quiet, that’s when your immune system takes time to recover from exposure to daily life. Homes, shops and offices are generally full of hidden chemicals and if you’re not feeling as well as you know you could, then doing your best to avoid inhaling them or having them next to your skin (especially while you sleep) gives your system a greater ability to restore its natural wholeness, harmony, balance and equilibrium.


Quality, pure, clean and certified organic pillows, sheets, quilts, blankets and mattresses naturally enable you to sleep more comfortably and wake refreshed WITHOUT the synthetic fibres which can cause excessive sweating and mould; exacerbating allergies, asthma, tiredness and eczema.

For people with more pronounced sensitivities and illnesses, an AIR PURIFIER can be extremely beneficial. Peter, our founder has used one for over 20 years and although his house is totally chemical free, after a lot of research and effort, he still uses it in his organic bedroom to help cleanse his system even more.

Here at Organature we know the benefits of choosing organic cotton. Our organic cotton sheets are made from 100% organic and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabric. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres which encompasses both ecological and social criteria.


Did you know that It can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of conventional cotton?  Organic cotton is grown in monsoon climates with the water which falls from the sky, sadly a reason though why Australia cannot grow commercial quantities of Organic Cotton

In addition, petroleum scouring agents, softeners, brighteners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, ammonia and formaldehyde are used in the processing of conventional cotton once it is harvested! Like Bamboo, they do require a chemical process to convert them to textile fabrics.  Certified organic cotton does not.

These are a few of the reasons  to choose Organature organic cotton sheets;  another is that our sheets are made in Australia, they are soft, cool, comfortable to use and come in a delightful choice of colours including our most popular natural and white.


Here at Organature we have two choices of organic cotton sheets; we have our poplin organic cotton sheet range and our cosy organic cotton sheet range. Our poplin organic cotton sheets are, smooth and soft, feeling pure and fresh, whereas our cosy organic cotton sheets are for those who like a super soft and huggable sheet, perfect for chilly nights.

We cater for all size beds too. We create single sheets, king single sheets, double sheets, queen sheets, super queen sheets, king sheets and super king sheets. All of the above sheets are available in flat sheets, fitted sheets or sheet sets, which include pillowcase(s).


We have lots of chemical free items for your Baby Nursery too, with sheets, cots, mattresses, wipes, nappies, cradles, blankets, quilts, towels, change tables, toys, furniture and so much more … PARENTS say that choosing Organics just feels better.

So now you know why we choose organic bedding. Our customers agree too, below are a couple of reviews that show they do!

REVIEW: Raelene | 2 reviews | 08/01/2018

Dear Organature staff, just a quick note to let you know I used your bed sheets for the first time and they were so comfy to sleep in. The fabric is smooth and strong, yet beautifully crisp and light for a warm summer night. Thank you for making these perfect sheets!

REVIEW: Kerrie | 4 reviews | 22/10/2017

I bought a sheet set from you a couple of weeks ago and are extremely happy with the feel, sizing and quality of your sheets. Since using your sheets I have found that I am sleeping better without waking due to overheating. I look forward to making further purchases of Australian Made and Chemical Free products from you in the future.

This Weeks Healthy Living Idea

I’d been feeling a bit flat recently so I booked myself into the doctor for a checkup and found out that my iron and Vitamin D levels were low. I also went to see a psychologist (for the first time in my life) and heard myself say things out loud that had previously only been in my mind.

As a result I came away with strategies to make a few simple improvements, that greatly increase the quality of my life …

1. Give my diet a boost with some extra fish, lentils and nuts (YUM).
2. Sit outside and enjoy the sunshine each morning (SO PEACEFUL).
3. Change the negative question I’d been asking myself “What’s the point?” to a positive affirmation, “I CAME TO LIVE MY DREAMS!” – Elizabeth Richardson (Organature Website Admin and Published Author)

Sleeping in fresh bedding always
makes us FEEL GOOD too!


What simple improvements will help you feel good? Tell us in the comments below.

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