The Organature Mattress

The Healthiest Sleep You Can Have
Is On An Organature Mattress

The original, genuine and only Australian made 100% Organic Cotton Mattress.

The¬†Organature¬†Mattress¬†is unique –¬†made from the purest ingredients.

The Mattress and your Health

Organic¬†cotton breathes; this avoids moisture retention and allows the mattress to remain dry or to dry quickly reducing the risk of mould or mildew.¬†The mattress retains its clean natural state, allowing skin to breathe and encouraging a deeper more restful night’s sleep.

Cotton has been traditionally cultivated for centuries in the high valleys of the Peruvian Andes by small farmers. As cotton became more commercial and was intensively grown on large farms causing influx of pests, more and more pesticides and artificial fertilizers were used. Machine picking also saw the beginning of the use of synthetic chemical defoliants.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests. No synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest. Fabrics and filling for Organature mattresses are this, clean Certified Organic Cotton; GOTS sustainable textiles by Control Union.

The Innerspring Mattress

Inside is a ‚ÄėBonnell‚Äô spring which has been covered with Organature Org-Suede Flannel 280 fabric.¬†The fabric is then covered with many layers of Certified Organic Cotton wadding and encased in exclusive soft Org-Suede Flannel 280 creating a medium firm-firm yet comfortable mattress.

The Fabrics

The covering fabric, our exclusive GOTS Certified 100% Organic Flannel, has been softened and brushed to produce the soft suede finish. It is softened with biodegradable materials approved under the certified organic standards; GOTS.

Innerspring Mattress Filling

The filling is also certified 100% organic cotton: GOTS sustainable textiles by Control Union. Layers of fluffed out,’ carded’ cotton; a total of approx. 3.0 kg/m2, is placed on each side of the mattress. Approx.  1.8 kg/m2 is used on the cot mattress.

This process may show the mattress to have a ‚Äėpuffed‚Äô appearance when it is newly made.¬†This is NOT a manufacturing fault but the nature of this product.¬†The cotton will gradually compress and this ‚Äėpuffed‚Äô appearance will diminish as the mattress is used.

If, when client receives the mattress the mattress is still ‚Äėpuffed‚Äô, it should be slept on for a week and then turned over to settle.¬†Also refer under ‚Äėquestions asked‚Äô; ‚Äėwill it lose shape‚Äô.

The Edge Binding and Thread

The binding on seams and threads used on the mattress are non-organic. Organic cotton binding is currently not available; an all-cotton thread is not suitable for high speed machines.

Mattress Sizes


91 x 190
Approx. 22-25 cm thick


137 x 190
Approx. 22-25 cm thick


152 x 203
Approx. 22-25 cm thick


183 x 203
Approx. 22-25 cm thick

Single Long

91 x 203
Approx. 22-25 cm thick

King Single

107 x 203
Approx. 22-25 cm thick


 Available in Various Sizes
Approx. 12 cm thick

Measurements are nominal.
Any variation is within guide lines for manufacture of the organic cotton mattresses.

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The Spring

A five (5) turn ‚ÄėBonnell‚Äô spring; which is the standard specification for the Australian market.¬†With extra outer edge support springs which are like a wooden clothspeg but the opposite way so that edges do not collapse.

We use 2.25mm wire on our springs with a 4mm round wire frame (edge wire).

Coil and Support Specifications


of Rows

of Coils

  Outer Edge
Support Coils


9 x 24




14 x 24




15 x 26




18 x 26



King Single

11 x 26



Single Long

9 x 26



Cot Mattresses   Standard low profile springs. Р7 x 17 rows, with a total number of coils 119

Pocket Springs 
Unable to supply.  Pocket springs are approximately 5cm in diameter and each spring sits in a polyester pocket.  Polyester is not allowed under Organic certification, neither would we use them.

Futon Mattress

Fabric and filling for Organature futons are the same as used for our innersprings, less the springs; refer above. Futon mattresses and toppers filled with 100% natural fibres such as cotton, wool, kapok, straw etc. are not the same as conventional futons and toppers; even these different natural fibre filled ones vary in construction and sleeping. Organature 100% organic cotton futons and toppers are relatively soft when new, and become firmer with use.

Conventional futon mattresses and toppers are softer because they contain synthetic foam, memory foam, foamed rubber (incorrectly referred to as latex), or a combination of these chemical laden products.

If you have never slept on, or used, a futon or topper filled with 100% natural fibres previously, we prefer to talk to you before proceeding with order.   Natural fibre futons are perfect for children as children are lighter in weight and thus slowly compress the filling, adjusting to the firmer sleeping surface.

Natural fibre filled toppers are initially unnecessary, although maybe at a later stage you may choose to have a bit more filling between you and the mattress.

(These toppers are suitable to place on top of an old mattress untill you can afford a new mattress or may also be used as an additional protection for your mattress.)

Futon Sizes

Length and width are the same as Innersprings; approx. 20 cm thick for our standard Deluxe futons. Cot futons are approx. 10 cm thick. Special sizes are available upon application.

Why Choose an Organic Cotton Mattress

  • Natural Fibre.¬†Cotton is a natural fibre that resonates harmoniously with our bodies. The same cannot be said for latex, foam and other synthetic fabrics, even animal products such as wool. When we surround ourselves with organic cotton, we function ‚Äď and sleep ‚Äď at our optimum.
  • Chemical Free.¬†Conventional cotton has been¬†saturated¬†with chemicals, both in the growing and in the various processing stages. These chemicals are poisonous to the human system and many of them are activated to outgas by bodily heat.
  • No Fire Retardants.¬†Conventional mattresses are made from synthetic materials, which may be protected against fire by a range of substances such as formaldehyde —¬†a known carcinogen.¬†Organic cotton mattresses do not contain these chemicals.
  • No synthetic chemical smell.¬†Conventional synthetic and non-organic cotton mattresses give off an odour.

This is the odour of synthetic chemicals ‚Äď just as you will find in new cars and carpet.¬†Many people do not even smell this because their sense of smell has been damaged by the many synthetics which we breathe in every day.¬†While this odour subsides over a period of time, the toxic outgassing takes a long time,¬†most times many years.¬†These chemicals, heated by our body, cause the chemical to outgas which we inhale.

  • Odour¬†from Organic cotton is¬†natural, is harmless and subsides quickly.
  • Higher Consciousness.¬†Matter is energy. Petrochemical materials and non-organic cotton are produced with a mindset geared to profit, without care for environment and our health.¬†The growing and processing of organic cotton requires care and a life-honouring approach at every step.
  • Hypoallergenic.¬†Organic cotton is neutral and ideal for those with Allergies, Chemical Sensitivity and Asthmatic tendencies.
  • They Breathe.¬†Organic¬†cotton mattresses have excellent wicking qualities, absorbing moisture at night and dissipating it by day, aided by the air circulation through the springs.

What Kind of Base Should I Use?

To protect your mattress and allow proper breathing of the mattress, (as you would with a conventional mattress made with the Bonnel springs), the mattress must be placed on solid, non-springy, slat panels with approx. 5-6 cm gap between the slats.¬†Ideally Australian hardwood¬†¬† ——-¬†¬† not pine in which the ‚Äėterpenes‚Äô are too potent and are likely to cause or aggravate allergies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Organic Cotton Mattress:

  • What if I spill something?

Always use an Organature ¬†‚ÄėOrg-Suede Flannel‚Äô mattress protector. Protectors are machine washable.¬†Our mattresses and protectors are not treated with moisture repellents.

Contact us by phone for a hint to avoid wetting penetrating into mattress.

Liquid spills should be mopped up with a damp cloth and then blown dry or aired in the sun.¬†If soiled, sprinkle bi-carbonate of soda on the moisture; scrape off with knife, repeat if required, and sponge, (not too wet),with a solution of ¬ľ vinegar and ¬ĺ water, dry with hair dryer on¬†BOTH¬†sides.

Vacuum and air the mattress and protector regularly to minimize dust-mite problems.

  • Will it lose shape?¬†The organic cotton we use, together with the carding process produces high quality wadding/filling. ¬†It is therefore ‚Äúfluffier‚ÄĚ than usual. In the first few months, this fluffiness will pack down in the predominant sleeping areas, however with regular usage and turning, the mattress will stabilize with a consistent feel.
  • Is it firm to sleep on?¬†Cotton mattresses are typically firmer than synthetic ones. This is because unlike synthetic materials, cotton does not have ‚Äúmemory‚ÄĚ and does not return as readily to its original shape. The innerspring will provide you with a medium firm to firm mattress; the futon will become a bit harder with use.Unless you have slept on an ALL cotton¬†futon before please contact us for further info. They are ideal for children if the budget is a bit tight to enable the purchase of an innerspring.
  • Is there a guarantee?¬†Providing the advice and recommendations of care in this brochure and any given by phone have been adhered to, we stand by the quality of the fabrics and filling used.¬†A 2 year warranty is on springs and workmanship of the mattress under normal domestic use.


  • How do I stop my mattress getting¬†mouldy? To avoid mould issues in the room, we use and recommend, Damp Rid.¬†Damp Rid is completely non toxic and available at Supermarkets and Hardware stores. ¬†Depending on the level of dampness and humidity, more than two to three buckets may be needed. ¬†Follow directions on the container and keep out of the¬†reach of children.

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