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IMPORTANT CUSTOMER QUESTION ABOUT POSSIBLE CONTAMINATION FROM SMOKING: My husband is a Doctor and a member of ACNEM where we found out about “Building Biology” which is where we got the link for your website. We really liked your article on “Natural Latex” which we came across just in time as we were looking at […]

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For anyone with chemical sensitivities travelling can be problematic. Peter suffered severely from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitives), but these days he can take long road trips in the car and even flights overseas since his chemical overload has been somewhat reduced by avoidance … and by getting a chemical-free nights sleep in his ‘safe haven’ […]

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Is It Really Asthma? A lot of people are being told they have Asthma. In many cases this is debatable. For correct diagnoses to determine whether you have Asthma, a lung function test needs to be done. In most instances the respiratory problem is overload of the immune system initially caused by environmental or chemical […]

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