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For anyone with chemical sensitivities travelling can be problematic. Peter suffered severely from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitives), but these days he can take long road trips in the car and even flights overseas since his chemical overload has been somewhat reduced by avoidance … and by getting a chemical-free nights sleep in his ‘safe haven’ […]

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An important message from Maureen (co-founder of Organature®) When we first learned about Peter’s MCS, (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) back in the 1980’s, the prospect of trying to live with the necessary exclusions to improve his life was daunting, overwhelming and unimaginable. Back then there was so little commercially available and the only way to find […]

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While most of us are aware of outside environmental pollutants like pollen, grasses, petrol fumes and smoke there are plenty of triggers lurking inside the home too, potentially affecting the air quality and silently triggering mood swings, depression, lethargy, allergies, asthma, eczema, attention deficit and a range of other chemical sensitivities. Here is a list […]

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