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Scrap Packs of Material




Scrap Packs of Fabric, perfect for quilting or any other DIY projects that you may have.

Note: Approx sizing 35 x 35cm or 39 x 39cm squares;  OR  pieces of various sizes and lengths.

The $20.00 packs contain more material and are larger in size.

The $8.50 Pack are of smaller quantity.

The $5.00 pack again is of a smaller quantity.



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Natural, Black and White, Grey, Natural, Butterscotch,, Sky Blue and Lavender, Grey, Pink and Natural, Mint, White, Sky Blue, Slate and Black, natural and white, Natural, Burgundy, Slate, Pesto, Chocolate and Butterscotch, Natural, Cream and White, Natural, Mint, White and Burgundy, Natural, Mint, White, Yellow and Burgundy, Natural, Pink and Lavender, Pesto, Pink, Lavender, Grey and Natural, Pink, Lavender, Mint and White, Sky Blue and Natural, Sky Blue and White, Sky Blue, Natural and Black, Sky Blue, White and Natural, Sky Blue, White, Slate, Grey, Black and Natural, Sky Blue,White and Mint, Slate, Grey, White, Teal, Purple and Yellow, White, White, Teal, Slate, Mint and Sky Blue


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