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Innerspring Mattresses – 100% Certified Organic Cotton





For a comfortable nights sleep, FREE from dangerous toxic chemicals(‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free‘, ‘Permanent press’, ‘Ultra Fresh’ and ‘Flame proof’).

Available in all sizes and made using 100% Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Filling.  A medium-firm to firm mattress with quality springs for comfort and long life.

An Organature mattress, as with any mattress, should NOT be placed directly on to the floor as they need to ‘breathe’.  Our Certified Organic Cotton is a natural product that needs airflow as it is a breathing product.  This in turn allows your body to breathe which is just one of the many benefits of the Organature mattress.

It is for this reason also that we recommend the mattress be supported by a hardwood slat bed base.  These allow the mattress to get continual air flow and get rid of the bad toxins taken out of your body during sleep.  See our excellent range of non toxic Hardwood Bed Bases.

It is important to note that these mattresses are NOT put on to a flexi slat base. The use of ‘ box frame’ bases is not suitable due to irregularities in the sizing of mattress due to puffiness of cotton.


The Making Of An Organature Mattress

FEELING A BIT ORDINARY? Maybe you could do with a Healthier, Cleaner, Improved sleeping experience … without breathing in chemicals.Here's how we make our exclusive 100% Organic Cotton Mattresses. Delivered to your door Australia-wide.

Posted by Organature on Thursday, 7 December 2017


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Buy 2 or more Mattresses (online only) and receive 10% off.

* Discount does NOT include made to order sizes. ORDER SPECIAL SIZES HERE.

Innerspring mattress approximate sizes:

  • Single (910 × 1900 mm)
  • Double (1370 × 1900 mm)
  • Queen (1510 × 2030 mm)
  • King (1830 × 2030 mm)
  • King Single (1070 × 2030 mm)
  • Single Long (910 × 2030 mm) MADE TO ORDER ONLY
  • Single Wide (1070 x 1900mm) MADE TO ORDER ONLY
  • Super King (2030 x 2030) MADE TO ORDER ONLY

*NOTE –Please note that as these are a cotton mattress,  the King and Super King are heavy to move.

Approx. 25cm side walls.

Innerspring mattress approximate cot sizes:

  • Cot 65 (1280 × 650 mm) MADE TO ORDER ONLY
  • Cot 69 (1300 × 690 mm)
  • Cot 75 (1300 × 750 mm)
  • Cot 77 (1320 × 770 mm)
  • Cot 70 (1400 x 700 mm) MADE TO ORDER ONLY
  • OR to your size specifications MADE TO ORDER ONLY

Approx. 12cm side walls.

For more information on our Innerspring Mattresses, the manufacturing process and the type of springs that are used head to our FAQ’s page ‘Questions Answers about Mattresses‘, or refer to the chart below.

Mattress Size No. of Rows  Spring unit size in cm No. of Coils
Single 9 x 24 89 x 185.5 216
Double 14 x 24 135 x 185.5 336
Queen 15 x 26 150 x 201 390
King 18 x 26 180 x 201 468
King Single 11 x 26 104 x 201 286
Single Long 9 x 26 89 x 201 234
Cot 7 x 17 104 x 185.5 119



Danielle | 4 reviews |18/04/2015

We bought this mattress 4 years ago for our sons king single bed. It looks as new as the day we bought it and is the most comfortable mattress in our house. Firm but not hard. We turn it every few months. So much so that we cant get my husband off it so my son can have his bed back! We will be back for more in the future.

Margaret | 3 reviews | 23/10/2014

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on, I’m 66 years old suffered with skin allergies and asthma all my life. It is so wonderful to be able to go to bed without having to have itchy skin from the mattress material. There are no chemical smells from the mattress, it’s wonderful the asthma is cut down by half. I’ll be recommending Organature products to all my family and friends.

Meagan Zieba | 4 reviews |19/08/2014

We purchased this mattress for our two-year-old daughter, and were extremely impressed by it. It’s well-made, comfortable and very well suited for a child’s mattress.

M Fleming | 3 reviews | 19/08/2014

I bought this mattress along with the bed base several months ago. When it arrived it I was impressed with the overall look of it – it really looked quality. It smelled so natural and Christmasy’ (?) and I love it. It is really quite firm and I thought I would sleep badly due to this but it turned out to be the opposite and I always sleep deep and well. I am really happy with this bed and mattress and as I sometimes sleep on my face (!) I’m glad that I am not breathing in all the toxic chemicals that are rife through most beddings and furniture of today.

Anne | 3 reviews | 01/04/2013

I have been suffering with chemical sensitive’s for a few years now, I had to remove virtually all the furniture from my house including my mattress that was made from polyurethane and other chemicals that where making me very sick. I have been sleeping on my new mattress for a few months now and it has made a huge difference, I can sleep all night without getting up to drink water  6-7 timesa night (from a dry burning throat caused by the old chemical mattress) not to mention numerous other complaints I had caused by the old mattress and pillows. The new mattress is a bit firm compared to my old mattress and took a while to get used to, but I love it now and feel very safe and lucky to have it when I go to bed knowing I am not breathing in harmful gasses from nasty chemicals. My brothers and mother have tested it out, they loved it and plan to buy one from Oranature when theirs need replacing.

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Cot 69, Cot 75, Cot 77, Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King


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