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Hardwood Sofa Double Bed with Deluxe Futon or Sprung Futon Package




MADE TO ORDER in Organature’s workshop using Australian hardwood

Please Note: This sofa bed package is specially priced bundled together WITH the deluxe futon (See price breakdown below). If you intend to use the sofa for permanent sleeping, we recommend purchasing the Sprung Futon Mattress for more comfort instead. Add an extra $400 for this option.

You can purchase just the Sofa Bed Frame Here.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Change from a Comfy Sofa into a Double Bed in 2 minutes.

Please click on the following link to see conversion: Sofa to bed conversion auto

PROCEDURE: Remove 2 special bolts, screw on two legs and then fold back into the perfect bed.

No unsightly hinges — no fingers caught.

206 cm long 98 cm wide x 100 cm high as a sofa — 143 cm wide when laid down as a bed.

Timber Frame Specifications:

Floor to seat – 315mm

Floor to armrest – 580mm

Seat back (from base of seat to top of back) – 640mm

Seat depth (from front of sofa to where it meets backrest) – 540mm

Seat length – 1920mm

(*Note: Futon and Sprung Futon approx 10cm high, to be added)

Handcrafted Timber Sofa / Double Bed perfectly sized to fit out Double Futon or an Organature Low Profile Innerspring mattress.

*There is NO Spring mechanism in our Sofa Bed Design, and it requires manual placement for laying down flat.

COVERS: Zip covers can be made from any of our woven fabrics for an extra $340 – double size.

Please note that the Bark Brown and Madder Red Corduroy are herb dyed, under organic certification these dyes cannot be “set” as the process uses harmful chemicals. As a consequence these dyes will bleed to start with, so we suggest you wash the cover several times with added salt in cold water before using. The colours as you see them on the covers will change when washed; the bark brown (olive) will turn brown and the red will fade to a Madder Red. This is not a fault, it is the nature of such dyes. Uneven colouration and streaking may occur; this is a normal occurrence with natural dying

MADE TO ORDER in Organature’s workshop using Australian hardwood.

Choose raw and sanded, or with natural plant and mineral based oil.

We source our oils from Livos who have a range of other colours, you may choose to purchase raw and sanded and apply the oils yourself, here is a link to the Livos website: Livos

Minimal glue used, dries rock hard so NO out gassing.

Bolts and keys supplied for easy assembly.


Sofa bed Natural                 Raw and sanded Oiled clear and colours  Ebony
Bed 955 1155 1235
Futon 1112 1112 1112
Total 2067 2267 2347
Package 1867 2067 2147

The sprung futon sofa is Unique to Organature.              

“To be able to supply furniture to people with chemical sensitivities and allergies and also those who do not want chemicals in their living space I designed the sofa with a sprung futon.

The sprung futon is made without binding so that the edges are not digging into legs. The seat and back contain two separate ‘Low Profile’ spring units and together are made as one overall fabric unit with the facility to use as a couch and lay flat to provide the bed.

Each spring unit is in a bag made from our Certified Organic Cotton and is placed tight around the springs so that the carded Certified Organic Cotton does not fall between the springs.

This is followed by several layers Certified Organic Cotton and finished with our Certified Organic Cotton Flannel fabric.

The combination of springs, organic fabrics and filling makes this product “BREATH” and provides a sound, comfortable sofa bed.

Obviously we strongly recommend that you use a loose cover. Covers are zippered for removal and can be made to order from either our certified organic cotton Corduroy, available in two colours and Natural, Denim, or Flannel Natural.

If you are going to use the sofa also as a bed and do not want to take the trouble to remove the zippered cover we suggest our regular mattress protector.  —— Suggestion: Lower the back, flatten the top of zippered cover fabric and place protector over.”                                                                                                 – Peter


Optional Cord Fabric Zip Cover

Additional information

Timber Finishes

Raw and Sanded, Plant Based Oil Finish Clear, Plant Based Oil Finish Walnut, Plant Based Oil Finish Dark Walnut, Plant Based Oil Finish Smoked Oak, Plant Based Oil Finish Rosewood, Plant Based Oil Finish Ebony

Sprung Futon Mattress + $400

no, yes


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