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Cot Sized Trundle Bed (toddler trundle) – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic




Perfect as a toddler bed, this petite trundle on castors (2 of the wheels are lockable),  fits our standard Cot 69 (130 x 69 cm) innerspring or futon mattress.

MADE TO ORDER in Organature’s workshop using Australian hardwood. Using timber without chemical fumigation.

  • Bed Bases are supplied flat packed.
  • Bolts and keys supplied for easy assembly.
  • Minimal glue used, dries rock hard so NO out-gassing.
  • Suitable for Cot Sized Organic Futon Or Cot Sized Innerspring Mattress. 130 x 69 cm (see below)
  • Not available without Castors or Legs – as the mattress needs to breath.

ORGANIC FINISHES: Choose raw and sanded, or with natural plant and mineral based oil. We source our oils from Livos who have a range of other colours, you may choose to purchase raw and sanded and apply the oils yourself, here is a link to the Livos website: Livos.


  • The trundle frame are made with 90 x 19 mm 100%  Mountain Ash hardwood, first grade, obtained from a local mill avoiding maximum carbon footprints.
  • The slat base is made with 65 x 19 mm 100%  Mountain Ash hardwood, standard grade, with spaces between slats to allow maximum airflow.
  • The slat base is made as two separate frames to avoid slat movement the slats are nailed to provide extra strength and provide extra stability to the frame.
  • The trundle can be provided with locking castors or short legs, it cannot lay directly on the ground as that prevents airflow.
  • Minimal commercial glue is used; natural glues used many years ago are not available; “Peter who is chemical sensitive” has tried this glue and does not get any adverse re-actions.  Where this glue is used, it is only positioned between timbers and dries rock hard within  5-10 minutes. The combination of fast drying and positioning between timbers avoids any chemical out-gassing.

DELIVERY TIME: Please feel free to place your order, however as each item is individually handcrafted, production time on most timber products is approx. 4 weeks.

OTHER STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM: Many other styles, heights and sizes available. See Beds Bunks Trundles.

OPTIONAL COT FUTON OR INNERSPRING MATTRESS SUGGESTION: Both these Organic Mattresses and Futons fit the Toddler Trundle perfectly.


Did you know that most conventional wooden furniture is made using toxic glues and finishes? Imported timber must be fumigated before it can enter the country.

Most timber products sold in Australia are imported, the majority are made in China. One company we researched makes their products in Australia from imported timber, these timbers ARE fumigated. Some suppliers of timber products are claiming made with ‘Australian timber’, this may be true but they send the timber to China to produce the furniture more economically! What happens when it’s returned back to Australia? Australian quarantine regulations requires fumigation of timber and timber products. Fumigation chemicals are harmful to health, and a possible cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in babies. Other timber products are also made here with MDF, full of formaldehyde, another cause of SIDS? Glued and finished with petro chemical paint and stain, another cause of SIDS? — It’s not worth the chance for anyone.


Because of this, we found it necessary to manufacture our own AUSTRALIAN HARDWOOD TIMBER FURNITURE from local Victorian Mountain Ash. NO Toxic chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process. Brown Sawmills are members of Australian Forest Standard, SAI Global certified system and PEFC, assuring sustainability and keeping down carbon footprints. There is no fumigation used in the processing of any of our timber products. There are no harmful chemicals to out-gas in either the construction of our furniture or in the finish either.

All Organature® Bed Linen and Hardwood Furniture is toxin-free and Proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish … so we can confidently call it 100% Organic.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 110 × 82 × 17 cm
Timber Finishes

Raw and Sanded, Plant Based Oil Finish Clear

Frame Style

Regular trundle Frame

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