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Certified Organic Cotton Mattress Topper




100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON MATTRESS TOPPERS: Similar to the Futon but approx 5cm thick.

Ideal for extra protection for your mattress or for extra warmth.

All sizes available.

Please note, that as per all products made from natural fibre, Our Organic Cotton Topper will start off quite full and soft but very quickly become very flat and firm.

Organic cotton toppers are not the same as conventional toppers.  Unlike conventional Cotton Toppers, which are allowed to have 5% undisclosed filling, they do not have any chemical filled, foam or latex to give them a softer feel.  Cotton does not have any memory like foam or latex, so, they will not spring back into original form.

(A topper can be used on top of your old conventional mattress as protection, if finances are a bit tight, however, this is not the ultimate answer to ridding your bed and bedroom of chemicals.)

When purchasing Organature 100% Organic Cotton Topper on existing mattress and bedbase.


A word of advice from Peter; when re-using existing bedbases and  a conventional mattress make sure your bed base is free of mould.

The best way to remove the mould is to wash/wipe thoroughly all over the base with use a solution of ‘Borax’ in hot water; follow the directions on the Borax pack.

Borax is available from most supermarkets, unfortunately most likely in the smelly soap isles.

With your existing mattress, and this is the most important part if you are going to put the new topper on that mattress:

A/ Either wrap plastic all around the mattress or at least on top and on sides of mattress; use the bags the toppers come in as they are polyethylene; the least toxic plastic.  It is also less toxic than many mattresses, and also mould.

B/ Use our Organic Cotton mattress protector over the plastic. The walls of the protector tuck well under the mattress, however the fabric over the plastic will slide.

If you don’t like the ‘feel’ of that plastic under you the option is the use our Organic cotton Fleece mattress overlay on top of the mattress with protector over.

C/ Air the mattress protector as often as you can.

D/ Purchase our Organic cotton mattress as soon as you are able.

(For further information on this please refer to our FAQs page)

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Cot 69, Cot 75, Cot 77, Single, Single Long, Single Wide, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King


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