Versatile Wipes (cloths) – CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON


Made from our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fleece or Flannel. Versatile Wipes are very useful. They can be used as to remove make up, as travel wipes for babies and kids hands and faces. The Organic Flannel 280 wipes make terrific kitchen wipes and dust cloths. All colours in the Organic Fleece are produced with low impact dye and are also 100% GOTS Certified Organic.


  • ORGANIC FLANNEL 280 is available in Natural only and in 2 sizes –  Small 10 pack (size approx. between 20 cm to 30 cm squares)Large 5 Pack or 10 Pack (approx. 30 cm  to 40 cm squares)  – with overlocked edges. Terrific kitchen wipes and dust cloths.
  • ORGANIC FLEECE. Size is between 20 cm to 30 cm squares (small), and 30 cm to 40 cm squares (large) with overlocked edges. Available in assorted coloured 5 or 10 packs. Colours can include, muted clay, slate, latte, black, mint, moonlight. If you are after a particular colour please contact us to see what we have in stock as it changes often. If you require Natural Fleece (light weight) that is un-dyed and un-bleached or our Raw Cosy Flannel (winter weight), follow this link to our Organic Baby Wipes.

Robyn Goulding | 2 reviews | 08/01/2015

I recently purchased the Versatile Wipes for my 7 Yr old female Labrador dog to use as a soft wipe for her face. She had a Mast Cell Tumour diagnosis last year and suffers with ulcers under her chin occasionally. So I needed something that would be gentle and effective to mop her chin after her water bowl drinks. The versatile wipes are the best thing. They are so gentle and she doesn’t mind in the least when I touch her chin now and waits until I have mopped her chin dry. Before I had a non-organic cotton washer and whilst she would let me wipe her chin she would move away as soon as possible. I also tried one for my makeup removal and I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness and gentle effectiveness in removing even eye makeup and mascara. I’m a qualified beauty therapist and I have not had anything that did not drag on the skin especially around the delicate eye area before using the versatile wipes. Just a beautiful feel on the skin. Thank you Peter and Team.

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