The Case Against Fragrance BOOK

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Kate Grenville had always associated perfume with elegance and beauty. Then the headaches started.

Fragrance today isn’t about flowers now, but synthetic chemicals. Some of these can be linked not just to headaches, but to asthma and allergies, hormone disruption and cancer. These chemicals are released onto the market without testing. Their use is regulated by the same people who make them. And they don’t have to be listed on the labels. Our world is awash with scented products containing these potentially damaging ingredients.

On a book tour in 2015, dogged by ill health, she started wondering: what’s in fragrance? Who tests it for safety? What does it do to people?

The more Grenville investigated, the more she felt this was a story that should be told.

This book is based on careful research into the science of scent and the power of the fragrance industry. But, as you’d expect from an acclaimed novelist, it’s also accessible and personal. The Case Against Fragrance will make you see – and smell – the world differently.

“One spritz of aftershave or perfume can leave other people retching and clutching their heads – you never see that in the ads.” Kaz Cooke.


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