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Comfortable Summer Weight Organic Cotton Quilt. Organature quilts (also known as Duvet or Doona) are made with pure GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton fabric and filling. No synthetic fibres to cause perspiration. Our quilts are lightweight, cosy and comfortable. Summer weight, approx 240 grams per m2. 

Winter quilt is not suitable for babies. If extra cover is needed our lightweight organic fleece blanket is ideal.


  • Single 140 x 210 cm
  • King Single, 160 x 225 cm
  • Double 180 x 210 cm
  • Queen 210 x 210 cm
  • Super Queen 210 x 225 cm
  • King 245 x 210 cm
  • Super King 275 x 240 cm

(Note: Sizes are Approximate only)

Caring For Your Organature Quilt

Any quilt which is made with 100% natural fibres is normally not washable; the fabric would have been preshrunk; the filling would not have been preshrunk . Should you ever see a washable natural fibre filled quilt, it is likely to contain a certain quantity of polyester, or silicone has been applied, without disclosure on the label. Washing should not be necessary if you use a quilt cover, shake and air regularly. Spot cleaning and airing is recommended.

* Emergency only: Our quilts have been washed by some clients using a large tub and squeezing, however this is not the recommendation by Organature.

  • Do not agitate.
  • May be spun in machine by layering against drum.
  • May be tumble dried on low setting (below 30C), tumble for 10 minutes, take out, open up and back in tumble dryer for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat until completely dry.
  • We do not recommend washing

Can I wash my Organature Organic Cotton Quilt or Pillow?

We do not recommend washing.

Quilts and pillows made with 100% cotton are prone to clump and shrink if they are washed. (Conventional cotton quilts that can be washed will have a portion of polyester and/or chemicals added to make them washable). Any soiling should be removed only with a damp cloth, and bi-carb soda should be used to soak up moisture. Re-apply the bi-carb soda as necessary until the area is mostly dry, and then complete the drying process using a hair dryer, on low setting, not too close to the item and on both sides. Ensure the quilt is fully dried as moisture may allow mould to develop. Hang out to air in sunshine where possible to aid with airing. If very badly soiled you could wash it gently in cold water by squeezing the affected area, (do not use washing machine action), absorb excess wetting with towels as much as possible and hang on line. May also be put in tumble dryer on low setting, tumble for 5-10 minutes, take out, fluff out and repeat until dry.

Like ALL cotton products, organic cotton will shrink if washed or tumble dried in temperatures above 40c. We do not recommend washing.

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The Natural Fragrance of Organic Cotton

The GOTS Certified Organic Cotton we use in our products may retain some of the natural, earthy fragrance from it's state on the plant. We do not use any of the toxic chemicals used to cover up these natural smells. This natural fragrance will dissipate over time, and fresh airing and sunshine will also help.

After a period of diminishing supplies we are happy to offer our new version of delightfully cosy, lightweight and superior quality Certified Organic Cotton Quilts. Our quilts are now produced on our behalf and exclusively for Organature, by our associates in India under full GOTS organic certification.

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