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Due to Covid-19, and the delays in cotton fabric supply,  it has been challenging to keep up with the demand for our Calico range.  We have fabric in stock and can therefore manufacture this range, our small tribe are working very hard to have our full range of products in stock again as soon as possible.  Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Calico is a medium weight fabric suitable for use all year round.  The perfect choice for extremely chemically sensitive people.  Made to Order – Organic Cotton Calico Pillowcases, made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Made in our Organature Australia Sewing Rooms with Certified Organic Cotton ‘loom state’, non-washed or treated Calico.

Sizes: Standard pair, Standard one only, Europe pair, Europe one only, Cot/Travel one only and Queen one only.

Colours: Available in Natural only.

Our Calico is in ‘Loom State’ – not washed or treated with any chemicals – is quite a stiff and wrinkled fabric before being washed, however there are absolutely no chemicals used throughout the manufacturing stages, which makes it ideal for people who are very chemical sensitive and for those who want a 100% Natural fabric. (Please note: it does contain some natural cotton oil and natural starch to assist in the weaving process, which is permitted under GOTS and is essential to weave the fabric). To help soften the fabric naturally, we recommend washing in diluted Vinegar.

Useful Information About Calico: Sometimes people think that if they buy calico somewhere, it is always pure calico and means it has no treatments. They are wrong. Most, if not all, calico sold in shops and by fabric wholesalers are treated with formaldehyde. Naturally our 100% Organic Cotton Calico produced to GOTS certification standards is not treated in any way. The only additive in Organic Calico is the Organic Corn Starch which is needed to stiffen the yarn to be able to weave the fabric. It is the best stiffener available, so good, in fact you can eat it.

Please Note: Approximately 10 – 15% Shrinkage will occur with all ‘loom state’ Calico Products. However we cannot guarantee the shrinkage amount exactly. It is due to this, that we no longer offer Fitted Sheets, however our flat sheets are made large enough to tuck under the mattress and our pillow cases are cut slightly larger to cater for this too.

Measurements below in approx cm:

  • Standard Pillowcase approx. 48 x 73 cm
  • Europe Pillowcase approx. 61 x 61 cm
  • Cot/Travel Pillowcase approx. 38 x 60 cm
  • Queen Pillowcase approx. 51 x 76 cm

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Backorders may take up to 2 weeks to be completed. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Calico is fabric which comes straight from the weaving looms and no further treatment has taken place. After several washes the fabric will soften and some of the wrinkling will naturally smooth out. WASHING: Maximum temperature for washing organic cotton is 30 C as anything higher than this may degrade the fibres and reduce the lifespan of your product. Do not use commercial softening products as they may affect your health and alter the organic nature of the product. Vinegar and Soda Crystals are a good natural substitute to assist in this process instead. DRYING: Line dry; avoid strong sunlight which can cause bleaching and deterioration of this quality fabric. May be machine dried on low heat, keeping it below the maximum temperature of 30 C. Iron with steam if needed.

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Cot / Travel, Standard One Only, Standard Pair, Europe Pair, Queen

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