Pillow Protectors – Certified Organic Flannel – various sizes


Organature pillow protectors are made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Flannel. A lightly brushed organic fabric which minimizes the penetration of dust-mites and helps prolong the life of your Organic Cotton Pillow. It is very similar to Flannelette but is better quality and not as fluffy. In this organic fabric only the long cotton fibres are used and it does not fluff like conventional flannelette, therefore eliminating the annoying short fibres that tickle the nose and eyes, and that can cause allergies. It has been woven with a yarn which takes longer to spin and any short fibres are removed. Final brushing produces the superior ‘Suede’ finish. Flannelette produced in Asia frequently contains formaldehyde. Our Organic Flannel definitely DOES NOT.

The Pillow protector is fully washable and made like a pillow case for easy removal.

Contents: Organic Pillow Protector – One Only.

Approximate Sizes:

  • To fit Cot Pillow/Travel Pillow approx. 37 x 58 cm.
  • To fit Standard, Half Fill and Hi Loft Pillows approx. 45 x 70 cm.
  • To fit Europe Pillow approx. 55-60 x 55-60 cm.
  • To fit Queen Silk Pillow approx. 53 x 73 cm.
  • To fit Body Pillow approx. 50 x 150 cm.
  • To fit Cushion Insert approx. 35-40 x 35-40 cm. These could also be used as cushion covers.
  • To Fit Boomerang Pillow approx. 40 cm width (at bend of protector) and 110 cm length (across longest part of protector).

We have the above range of sizes to fit the whole range of our pillows:

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This fabric has NOT been chemically pre-shrunk, so these products have deliberately been made longer and may seem too long for the pillow to begin with, however they will shrink to the size they should be (mostly in length) after the first wash. WASHING: Maximum temperature for washing organic cotton is 30 C as anything higher than this may degrade the fibres and reduce the lifespan of your product. Do not use commercial softening products as they may affect your health and alter the organic nature of the product. DRYING: Line dry; avoid strong sunlight which can cause bleaching and deterioration of this quality fabric. May be machine dried on low heat, keeping it below the maximum temperature of 30 C. Iron with steam if needed.

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