Organature Sofa Bed Futon COVER – Organic Canvas or Cord

Designed and made exclusively for the Organature Sofa Bed Futon


Designed and made exclusively to fit the Organature Sofa Bed Deluxe Futon, this convenient zip cover is available in our 100% GOTS Certified Organic, heavy duty Canvas, and Cord fabric.

Due to the width of the Fabrics, covers may require a join down the centre. This seam/join is in the centre on the length, thus making it run along the fold as the sofa, and between the middle of the two sides as the mattress. Made like a square bag with walls and zipper along 3 sides of the cover for ease of use. The cover is slightly loose to allow for the folding of the futon into couch position. Please note that there may be up to a 4 week wait time for covers as they are custom made.


  • CANVAS – Natural
  • CORD while stocks last – Madder Red and Brown Bark (will be Olive Green in colour once washed)

* Please note that the cover pictured in the main photo is made from Certified Organic Cotton Cord fabric in Madder Red. The Cushions are covered in the same Cord fabric but in the Natural Canvas and in Bark Brown colours.

** Please also note these covers can be purchased under our flat rate shipping option.

*** This cover is designed and made exclusively for the Organature Sofa Bed Futon and may not be suitable for futons from other manufacturers.

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