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Please note that due to Covid-19 supply restrictions, not all colours are available in sheets, blankets and quilt covers. Please use the order notes field during checkout to provide your colour preferences and we will do our best to supply all options.

AUSTRALIAN MADE, 100% Organic, NO fumigation and Chemical-Free. We have some great deals at Organature for babies. RECOMMENDED BY:  Organic Baby Nursery Australia. This cot package includes our exclusive ORGANIC COTTON FUTON MATTRESS.

The Australian Hardwood Cot in this package has 2 base height positions for several different stages of growth from new born baby through to toddler, and is constructed according to The top position provides the ideal depth to use as a bassinet, next down is the normal height for a cot when baby is ready to leave the bassinet and starts to stand up. Then a beautiful and comfortable toddler bed can be created by removing one of the side panels, allowing a more active and independent toddler, to get in and out safely and easily. Our Organature Cots are NOT made with a drop side, due to safety reasons.

YOUR CHOICE OF COT HEIGHT: Available in a range of height variations (from floor to top of the cot rail) – 105 cm (our standard height), 100 cm, 95 cm or 91 cm of you would like it a little shorter.


  • Overall Size (mm) 1392 (L) x 763 (W) x 1052 (H)
  • Mattress Size recommended (mm) 1300 (L) x 690 (W) x 120 (H)

The cot slat base for a standard 1050 mm height cot sits from floor to lowest level 315 mm, to highest level 540 mm (height difference is 225 mm).

Our cot complies with the requirements of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA – Organature Cot – Commonwealth of Australia Consumer Protection Notice No 6 of 2005 Consumer Product Safety Standard Childrens Household Cots Certification Manufactured to comply with Australian Cot Standards AS/NZS/2172


Did you know that most conventional wooden furniture is made using toxic glues and finishes? Imported timber must be fumigated before it can enter the country.

Most cots and cradles sold in Australia are imported, the majority are made in China. One cot we researched is made in Australia from imported timber, these timbers ARE fumigated. Some suppliers of cots are claiming made with ‘Australian timber’, this may be true but they send the timber to China to produce the furniture more economically! What happens when it’s returned back to Australia? Australian quarantine regulations requires fumigation of timber and timber products. Fumigation chemicals are harmful to health, and a possible cause of SIDS. Some cots and cradles are also made here with MDF, full of formaldehyde, another cause of SIDS? Glued and finished with petro chemical paint and stain, another cause of SIDS? — It’s not worth the chance.


Because of this, we found it necessary to manufacture our own AUSTRALIAN HARDWOOD TIMBER FURNITURE from local Victorian Mountain Ash. NO Toxic chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process. Brown Sawmills are members of Australian Forest Standard, SAI Global certified system and PEFC, assuring sustainability and keeping down carbon footprints. There is no fumigation used in the processing of any of our timber products. There are no harmful chemicals to out-gas in either the construction of our furniture or in the finish either.

All Organature® Bed Linen and Hardwood Furniture is toxin-free and Proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish … so we can confidently call it 100% Organic.

Complete Organic Baby Nursery Package Includes:

  Raw & Sanded  Clear & Colour
Australian Hardwood Cot with 2 height positions 1197 1355
Organic Suede Flannel Underlay 25 25
Cot Organic Cotton Futon Mattress 373 373
Organic Fleece Overlay 35 35
Organic Mattress Protector 38 38
Organic Poplin Sheet Set  78 78
Extra Fitted Sheet 35 35
Organic Cotton Blanket 34 34
Regular Price 1815 1973
Package Price  1615 1773
Saving You $200 $200

PLEASE NOTE: As different computers may display colours differently, the colour of the actual item may vary slightly from the images pictured.  If you are unsure about colours, please do not hesitate to contact us for samples.

AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY: All Organature furniture, beds, mattresses, futons, bed bases and toppers are professionally delivered right throughout Australia by a specialist courier service. These items are carefully packaged and sent from our hygienic factory in Victoria and freight is charged according to your postcode. This cost is not included in your online order, and we will contact you to confirm the delivery charge. You are welcome to get a quote for shipping before placing your order. If you select ‘Pick up from store’ – this will still incur a $50 fee for transport from our craftsman/factory to our shop in Newhaven.

HOW TO ASSEMBLE THE COT: Please download the cot assembly instructions here.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS TO OIL YOUR COT: We source our oils from Livos who have a range of other colours, you may choose to purchase raw and sanded and apply the oils yourself, here is a link to the Livos Website.

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REVIEWS: Kelly | 9 reviews |9/10/2015

I am so happy with everything in this package. It is a great starter package, especially because it sets you up to look after your organic mattress properly… Onto the mattress. Words cannot express the peace of mind this mattress will give you. It is worth every $$$ that you spend. Did you notice how much babies love to sleep on their tummies with their face on the side and nose/mouth just above the mattress. Think about what they are breathing in. You have this mattress which is pure organic cotton bliss, then you have the average mattress with horrible synthetic materials and the chemicals they are treated with. Couple that with a tiny little babies respiratory system and body. Do your research, minimise the risks wherever you can. I did my research and the safety and quality that Organature provides is exactly what I was looking for.

Hardwood Cot


Timber Finishes

Raw and Sanded, Plant Based Oil Finish Clear, Plant Based Oil Finish Walnut, Plant Based Oil Finish Dark Walnut, Plant Based Oil Finish Smoked Oak, Plant Based Oil Finish Rosewood


105 cm, 100 cm, 95 cm, 91 cm

Futon Mattress


Cot Protector






Cot Sheet Set

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Cot Fitted Sheet

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Cot Blanket

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