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Our Organic Cotton Mattress Toppers are made from 100% GOTS certified organic fabric and filling. These are the cleanest, healthiest and best chemical-free toppers and completely natural mattress boosters currently available in Australia.


  • Single (910 × 1900 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • Single Long (910 × 2030 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • Single Wide (1070 x 1900 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • King Single (1070 × 2030 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • Double (1370 × 1900 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • Queen (1510 × 2030 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • King (1830 × 2030 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.
  • Super King (2030 x 2030 mm) Depth approx. 10 cms to begin with and will compress with time and use.

Mattress Toppers are similar to the Futon Mattress but approx 5 cm thick. They are ideal for extra protection for your mattress or for extra warmth. Organic cotton toppers are NOT the same as conventional toppers. Unlike conventional Cotton Toppers, (which are allowed to have 5% undisclosed filling), ours do not have any chemical filled foam or latex to give them a softer feel. As cotton does not have any memory (like foam or latex), they will not spring back into their original form.

Our mattress toppers are not a solution to give comfort on an existing mattress which you may find uncomfortable as they are not made from memory foam only organic natural fibre and will mirror the problems that you are experiencing with your current mattress.

Natural fibre futons and toppers are perfect for children as children are lighter in weight and thus slowly compress the filling, adjusting to the firmer sleeping surface. A topper can be used on top of your old conventional mattress as protection from chemical out-gassing if finances are a bit tight, however, this is not the ultimate answer to ridding your bed and bedroom of chemicals. A full Organic Cotton Mattress on an Australian Hardwood Timber Bed Base, is really the ideal solution.

Please note, that as per all products made from natural fibre, our Organic Cotton Topper will start off quite full and but very quickly become flat and firm. 

Our mattress toppers are NOT waterproofed. Water-proofing is achieved with a plasticizing or chemical treatment and as we believe that chemicals contribute to a wide range of health issues, including asthma, eczema, attention deficit and especially Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), we will not use it. However, along with our organic mattress protectors and organic mattress overlays or organic mattress protector pads, you are guaranteed to have the BEST ORGANIC WATER RESISTANT product that’s currently available in Australia today … and the safest!

No Polyurethane Foam. No Formaldehyde, No Chemical fire retardants, No Polyester, No Synthetics, No moth-proofing chemicals, No anti-dustmite chemicals, No ultra fresh chemical, No toxic Petro-chemicals, No harmful latex.


When purchasing Organature 100% Organic Cotton Topper to place on an existing mattress and bed base, a word of advice from Peter. When re-using existing bed bases and a conventional mattress, first make sure your bed base is free of mould. The best way to remove the mould is to wash/wipe thoroughly all over the base with a solution of ‘Borax’ in hot water. Follow the directions on the Borax pack. Borax is available from most supermarkets, but unfortunately it’s most likely found in the smelly soap isles.

If you are going to put the new topper on an existing mattress, this is the most important part:

  1. Either wrap plastic all around your existing mattress or at least on top and on sides of mattress; use the bags the toppers come in as they are polyethylene; the least toxic plastic.  It is also less toxic than most conventional mattresses, and much less harmful that mould.
  2. Use our Organic Cotton Mattress Protector over the plastic. The walls of the protector tuck well under the mattress, however the fabric over the plastic will slide. If you don’t like the ‘feel’ of that plastic under you, the best option is to use our Organic Fleece Mattress Overlay on top of the mattress with the protector over that.
  3. Air the mattress protector as often as you can.
  4. Purchase an Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress as soon as you are able.

All our mattresses and toppers are individually handmade, we only use certified organic cotton in its purest state, and none of our products are fumigated due to medical exemptions in order for your health, comfort and peace of mind. Free from dangerous toxic chemicals like those used to create waterproofing, insect proofing and flame proofing. Your health and well-being is our priority!

For further information on this please refer to our FAQs page.


All our mattresses, futons, bed bases and toppers are professionally delivered right throughout Australia by a specialist courier service. These items are carefully packaged and sent from our hygienic factory in Victoria and freight is charged according to your postcode. This cost is not included in your online order. You are welcome to place your order and we will contact you to confirm the delivery charge, or alternatively, request a quote for shipping straight to your door before you proceed. You may also choose to pick your order up FREE from our store in Newhaven Victoria during our regular business hours.


*Please note that under the Health Act, Pillows, Underlays, Quilts, Bed Toppers, Mattresses, Futons and Pillow Protectors are NON-REFUNDABLE unless faulty.


For a restful nights sleep FREE from dangerous *chemicals, avoid using  conventional bedding that has fire retardants, water-proofing, harmful glues or dyes. Some are sold as ‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free‘, ‘Permanent press’, ‘Ultra Fresh’ and ‘Flame proof’. They might sound good, but these are all chemical additives. If you sleep on products made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton fabric and filling instead, you can be at peace knowing for sure, you are NOT breathing in any toxic fumes.


Did you know that frequently present in conventional mattresses and bedding are *High Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) like phosphorus, arsenic and antimony, and nerve toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and toluene? Whether they be in the petroleum based, Polyethylene foam, the petroleum and chlorine based Vinyl or PVC used for waterproofing (a known carcinogen, let alone, one of the most environmentally unfriendly plastics used today), or the petroleum based Fire Retardants … separately or together … they make up a toxic soup that is linked to immune suppression, hormone disruption, developmental delays, learning and memory problems, behavior changes, and cancer.

PLEASE NOTE: Latex products are NOT organic or 100% natural.

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Some people go nuts about BAMBOO SHEETS too because they are told that they are natural and anti-bacterial. But bamboo fibres are converted with chemicals to produce the yarn. This makes the process ’man-made’ and therefore synthetic, not natural and certainly not certified organic.

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Made with 100% certified organic cotton fabrics/fillings

REVIEW: Kylie | 4 reviews |Bought the mattress protector with mattress topper after concerns about our fully water proof one – very happy with the purchase and even noticed it is so much cooler as well. Highly recommended.

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