Deluxe Organic Cotton Bathroom Range - BORDEAUX


Organic Terry Towelling Luxury Face Washers (or Face Cloths), Bath Towels and Hand Towels. Beautifully soft, thick and lovely to use. Woven with 100% Certified Organic Cotton yarn. 600 gsm thickness. Absorbency increases with washing. The Natural Cotton wax washes out and they are not chemically pre-washed like conventional towels so are an ideal option for allergy sufferers or chemically sensitive people, or those just wanting to purchase the healthiest quality towels possible. Made in Turkey from high quality Certified Organic Yarn. An ideal material to be used in towelling and safe to place next to your skin. Manufacturing of these items in Australia is not yet economically viable but we’re working on it.


  • Face Cloth: Approximately 50 x 30 cm.
  • Hand Towel: Approximately 50 x 100 cm
  • Bath Towel: Approximately 70 x 140 cm

HOW TO CARE FOR ORGANIC COTTON TOWELS, BATH MATS, WASHERS AND ROBES: The washing and drying temperature for 100% organic cotton items should not exceed 40 C. Washing any hotter will slowly destroy the fibre and shorten the life of the towel. We actually recommend less than 30 C is preferable. Towels require a few washes to remove the wax and make them good dryers which increases the absorbency. Tumble drying on LOW heat is also beneficial. The more you wash this 100% Organic Cotton Terry Towelling fabric, the more it softens. Naturally. Organically. Health-fully.

REVIEW: Margaret G | 1 review | 10/12/2019 | I received my luxury towels today and they are lovely! Thank you for your time and effort to send these to me so quickly.


Bordeaux (dark red)

Bathroom Product

Bath Towel 70x140cm, Hand Towel 50x100cm, Face Washer

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