Healthy Air Purifiers - Especially designed for people with Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)


Two ‘Foustco’ air purifiers have just arrived into our shop in Newhaven from the U.S. Especially designed for people with MCS. All metal construction, no plastics — very important. They are the ones Peter has been using, promoting and selling for the last 16 years. Clearing the air is one of the essential changes he made to get relief from MCS. Read more about that here.

  • Room Air Purifier, (metal construction, no plastics, portable, plugs into regular power-point, easy to move from room to room).
  • Car Air Purifier, (metal construction, no plastics, plugs into car cigarette lighter).

Organature are the appointed Australian Agents for these Foustco air, room and car purifiers. The units are brought in and shipped directly to our customers from where they are made in the U.S.A. It is because of this that the price may vary slightly, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

The Foustco purifiers were specially designed for people with chemical sensitivity; the first units of its kind in the world. An all metal construction, no plastics are used. Two rubber seals to stop vibration are not exposed, but are tight between metal; air does not pass over them. The air intake and into the room via the filtering media and HEPA filter are performed with a centrifugal fan which is located below the motor; the air does not pass the motor. The standard filling in the unit, located between two metal screens, removes chemicals including formaldehyde. This filtering media needs to be replaced from time to time. Time span depends on how much toxins are around and have to be removed. Indication to renew: You may notice that the air is not as fresh as it was; this is the time to change the filtering media. The need to change the filtering media can be verified by looking inside the filtering cartridge.

How to replace the Filling:

  • Put some protective material down to catch any filling.
  • Stand purifier on the motor end, undo bottom place wing nut.
  • Remove Cartridge
  • Undo the filament tapes on one end making sure that unit stands upright.
  • Remove cap exposing old filling.
  • Tip filling into rubbish bin, can also be put into compost.
  • Carefully undo the two spring clips inside the cartridge, remove screen and filter cloth.
  • Vacuum the unit.
  • Refill the cartridge – carefully re-assemble unit without filtering cloth.
  • Turn the unit on –OUTSIDE– and let it run for about five minutes to remove most dust particles.
  • Now replace the filtering cloth together with the screen and spring clips.
  • You can use any tape to hold he “LID” in position as long as to does not protrude too much inside and none at all outside unit.
  • The new filtering cloth is different than the original in the unit but this new one provides the same result; to catch dust.

The room unit for Australia comes with 240 volt motor, plug and switch ready to connect into Australian power point. Car unit plugs into cigarette lighter; it has a rotary switch on the cable. The car unit cannot be used in the home; we have found that the use of a converter 12 volt to 240 is un-satisfactory. Prices of units include the first supply of filtering media and HEPA filter and DHL direct delivery to client. Replacement filtering media and HEPA filters are available from TBA, or please give us a call on 03 59320914 for more information.

160R2 ROOM Air PurifierThe 160R2 ROOM Air Purifier is all metal construction & contains 3.15 kilo. of activated carbon mix to control chemicals, fumes, odors, gases; and controls particles with an optional HEPA rated at 0.1 micron efficiency. It has performed well in independent lab tests; and is used & recommended by allergists & environmental doctors nationwide. Designed for use by the chemically sensitive, but can be used by anyone that wants clean indoor air. No-odor finishes used where needed, so you can be assured of clean air. Great product for use in schools, hospitals, offices, and homes. Re-fillable or recyclable cartridges make the 160 Series air purifiers the perfect green choice when you want clean air with the least effect to the environment.

160AN CAR Air PurifierThe 160AN Auto/RV CAR Air Purifier is all metal construction with powder coated centrifugal motor to allow air to be expelled without passing via motor. The filtering unit contains 3.15 kilo activated carbon/purapel mix to control chemicals, fumes, odours, gases; and controls particles with an HEPA rated at 0.1 micron efficiency. Total weight including filtering media. Unit comes equipped ready to plug into either the cigarette lighter or power point outlet in your vehicle.It has performed well in independent lab tests; it is used and recommended by allergists and environmental doctors nationwide USA. Designed for use by the chemically sensitive, but can be used by anyone that wants clean air. No-odour finishes were used, so you can be assured of clean air. Great product for use in your car, truck, bus, RV or any other type of enclosed vehicle.Re-fillable cartridges make the 160 Series air purifiers the perfect green choice when you want clean air with the least effect to the environment.


Foustco do not stock units with 240 volt motors and cables with plug as required for Australia. They are ordered from their motor suppliers as required and the motor manufacturers need a few days. After that the Australian cable and plug are assembled onto the motor and the unit is tested for correct assemblies and electrical work. It is also tested for correct balance of the running of the centrifical fan. Finally packed in heavy duty cardboard carton with spacers to avoid movement while in transit.

This process normally takes approx. 10 working days. Upon which the unit is sent direct to our customers in Australia by Global Express. In Australia it is passed on to Australia Post. This process takes approx. 14 days from date of payment to deliver pending how well Australia post performs to the final delivery address. Global express is included in the overall price that we quote. Any other (cheaper) sending method takes too long and is unsatisfactory. We place an order directly with Foustco within 24 hours and normally receive an approx. date within a few days. If there are any delays we will contact you.


Re-fills and HEPA filters can be conveniently purchased from TBA, e-mail: or telephone (03) 8080 9935 for more information.


Approximate prices as at 23rd August 2020.
Pricing may vary due to exchange rate USD/AUD.
Includes postage direct from USA to your address.  *Please note there may be additional postage charge if we have, currently in stock, at our address.

Healthy Air Purifiers Unit Cost
Room model 160 R2 $1060
Car model 160 AN  $761


1. Sometimes there are two gaskets, (rubber rings), in the purifier box. They have to go on top and under the cartridge. Stand purifier upside down on motor and undo wing nut. Lift the chrome base plate and then lift the cartridge. Place one ring on the rim near motor and replace cartridge. Put the other ring on top of cartridge and replace base plate and wing nut. Do not over-tighten the wing nut as that could twist base plate. Just finger tighten.

2. You will find that on one end of the cartridge the lid is held in place with tape. The other end is fixed on. Make sure cartridge end with tape is upwards. Undo tapes and lift the rim. Carefully! You will see the carbon and pink pieces. Once these pink have gone brown you need to renew filtering media. (See How to replace the Filling: above).

3. Inside the inner tube is a HEPA filter with metal screen. To get that out, carefully remove metal spring clips from both ends and slide the filter with screen out. The HEPA can be vacuumed and replaced the same way.

Please contact us if you would like more information. You may also like to READ MORE ABOUT THE AIR PURIFIERS HERE

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160R2 Room Model, 160AN Car Model

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