Hardwood Bed Slat Panels – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic



Hardwood Slat Panels are designed to go onto an existing Bed Base. Perfect to revamp your antique or older style bed that could have ply, chipboard, MDF or varnished slats. Replacing the slats to allow proper breath-ability of the mattress, or re-positioning the slats to a higher or lower position can make changing the bed and airing the mattress easier, providing longevity of your mattress and better health in your bedroom.

Supplied in three wooden slat panels for standard bed base sizes, so they sit together well and avoid movement.

OPTIONAL SIDE SUPPORT: As an optional extra, if the new slat panels need to be re-positioned, raised, lowered or supported better on your existing bed base, we include two side support hardwood timber lengths and fixing screws. These make sure the Slat Panels fit onto your existing base properly, wherever you need them to be.

MADE TO ORDER in Organature’s workshop using Australian hardwood. Using timber without chemical fumigation.

  • Suitable for innerspring or futon.
  • Slat panels are left raw and sanded to provide proper airing of the mattress. 


  • SINGLE BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 910 × 1900 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • SINGLE LONG BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 910 × 2030 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • KING SINGLE BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 1070 × 2030 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • DOUBLE BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 1370 × 1900 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • QUEEN BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 1510 x 2030 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • KING BED: Australian Bed Size to suit 1830 x 2030 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • SUPER KING: Australian Bed Size to suit 2030 x 2030 mm Innerspring Mattress or Futon
  • Special sizes can also be made to order


Did you know that most conventional wooden furniture is made using toxic glues and finishes? Imported timber must be fumigated before it can enter the country.

Most timber products sold in Australia are imported, the majority are made in China. One company we researched makes their products in Australia from imported timber, these timbers ARE fumigated. Some suppliers of timber products are claiming made with ‘Australian timber’, this may be true but they send the timber to China to produce the furniture more economically! What happens when it’s returned back to Australia? Australian quarantine regulations requires fumigation of timber and timber products. Fumigation chemicals are harmful to health, and a possible cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in babies. Other timber products are also made here with MDF, full of formaldehyde, another cause of SIDS? Glued and finished with petro chemical paint and stain, another cause of SIDS? — It’s not worth the chance for anyone.

Because of this, we found it necessary to manufacture our own AUSTRALIAN HARDWOOD TIMBER FURNITURE from local Victorian Mountain Ash. NO Toxic chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process. Brown Sawmills are members of Australian Forest Standard, SAI Global certified system and PEFC, assuring sustainability and keeping down carbon footprints. There is no fumigation used in the processing of any of our timber products. There are no harmful chemicals to out-gas in either the construction of our furniture or in the finish.

All Organature® Bed Linen and Hardwood Furniture is toxin-free and Proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish ... We confidently call it 100% Organic.


Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King

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