Hardwood Bed Base – Barossa – AUSTRALIAN MADE 100% Organic


Our Barossa Bed base is like the Daylesford but without the Headboard. Made from 100% Victorian Mountain Ash Hardwood. Solid 140 x 32 mm timber frame with L shaped recessed legs to avoid stubbing toes. The legs are bolted with 2 external bolts on each corner to join the frame together.  Then there are 2 internal bolts to hold the legs in place providing a stronger construction without the leg protrusion you can sometimes get on conventional beds. No toxic glue is used anywhere on the frame.

The Australian hardwood slat timber we are using at present are 65 x 19 mm, spacing is approx. 65 mm. This is an ideal combination to support an organic cotton futon and provide proper spacing for the special Bonnell springs used in our organic cotton innerspring mattresses. The slats sit level with the side frame. This is done so that the mattress gets maximum airing, essential with ANY mattress, and easier to make the bed as you don’t have struggle with hands between frame and mattress. The slats come in three panels, to avoid movement and secure fit in the base. And with the King and Super King an additional centre slat is added for support.

The outer rims of the mattress also sits on the outer 32 mm thick base frame, thus covering the slats.

Platform Heights (measured from the floor to the the top of the platform)

  • 30cm and 36cm
  • 37 – 60cm (custom height) – Please specify the height in cm when placing your order if choosing this option

Please note that while in the main photo the bolts are not visible, the additional photo shows the bolts clearly.

CUSTOMISATION: Also available as a Daylesford or with Hawthorn headboard option. If you wish to add the bed-head later you would have to screw it on with ordinary screws. When we supply the complete unit we supply special screws and have pre-fitted nuts in the frame end.

MADE TO ORDER in Organatures’ workshop using Australian hardwood. Using timber without chemical fumigation.

  • Bed Bases are supplied flat packed.
  • Bolts and keys supplied for easy assembly.
  • Minimal glue used, dries rock hard so NO out-gassing.
  • Suitable for innerspring or futon.

ORGANIC FINISHES: Choose raw and sanded, or with natural plant and mineral based oil. We source our oils from Livos who have a range of other colours, you may choose to purchase raw and sanded and apply the oils yourself, here is a link to the Livos website: Livos.

PLEASE NOTE: Our slat panels on the base of the bed are supplied raw and sanded. The slats are not generally seen once bed linen has been added. We believe it’s better to leave the slats themselves natural and reduce the risk of the oil being transferred onto your organic mattress.

ASSEMBLY: Our beds are not made for mattresses to sit inside a lip, so when constructing ensure the side frames of the bed are used with the small space facing up towards the ceiling. For assembly instructions please refer to: Bed Assembly Instructions Barossa Daylesford Mansfield Daintree Hawthorn Kingston Apollo Airley Windsor and Trundles

OTHER STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM: Many other styles, heights and sizes available. See Beds Bunks Trundles.

Organature Bed Sizes

SINGLE to suit 92x190cm mattress or futon
KING SINGLE to suit 107x203cm mattress or futon
DOUBLE to suit 137x190cm mattress or futon
QUEEN to suit 153x203cm mattress or futon
KING to suit 183x203cm mattress or futon
SUPER KING to suit 203x203cm mattress or futon

* for the SUPER KING bed size, we recommend and offer 2 x KING SINGLE mattresses.

All Organature hardwood furniture and beds are made to order. Please allow approximately 6 weeks production time.


Most conventional wooden furniture in Australia is not only made using toxic glues and finishes, but also must be fumigated before it can enter the country. Almost all timber furniture, cots, cradles, chests, bunks and beds sold in Australia are imported (or made from imported timber).

Organature® Hardwood Furniture is proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA where we can guarantee the purity of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Locally sourced and sustainable Australian hardwood with NO Harmful chemicals, NO MDF, NO Chipboard, NO Chemical Paint and NO Toxic Glues are used during any part of the manufacturing process.

Assembly references (if required) are added by hand using a non-toxic permanent marker. These markers do not outgas when dry and are the safest option available

Note that the Katherine (low-rise or mid-rise) is the only recommended bed base for our HIGHLY CHEMICALLY SENSITIVE customers. SLATS on all beds are glued, however the Katherine low-rise or mid-rise is the only style of bed with no glue used, and for a minimal extra charge, can have screwed slats (so no glue used at all!).
Footnote: Minimal PVA glue is used on all our bases and furniture; it is sandwiched between timbers, dries rockhard within 10 - 20 minutes after application and does not outgas.

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