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Our Futon Mattresses are made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic fabric and filling. These are the cleanest, healthiest and best chemical-free futons and completely natural mattresses currently available in Australia.

Sizes: Single and King Single

  • Single 920 × 1900 mm
  • King Single 1070 × 2030 mm

Our mattresses and futons are NOT waterproofed. Water-proofing is achieved with a plasticizing or chemical treatment and as we believe that chemicals contribute to a wide range of health issues, including asthma, eczema, attention deficit and especially Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), we will not use it. However, along with our organic mattress protectors and organic mattress overlays or organic mattress protector pads, you are guaranteed to have the BEST ORGANIC WATER RESISTANT product that’s currently available in Australia today … and the safest!

No Polyurethane Foam. No Formaldehyde, No Chemical fire retardants, No Polyester, No Synthetics, No moth-proofing chemicals, No anti-dustmite chemicals, No ultra fresh chemical, No toxic Petro-chemicals, No harmful latex.

❤ WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR BABIES: Baby will not be inhaling chemicals from this PURE mattress, giving them a greater ability to develop a strong immune system, setting them up for life.

❤ WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR CHILDREN: Children will not be inhaling chemicals from this PURE mattress, providing them with better sleeping conditions, reducing chances of developing asthma, ADHD, depression, sensitivities and eczema.

❤ WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR ADULTS: You will not be inhaling chemicals from this PURE mattress, providing you with a higher quality of sleep, health, well-being and zest for life in general.

  • With care they will last longer than any other mattress. (Peter’s 100% Organic Cotton Queen mattress is over 15 years old and shows no deterioration.)
  • Extremely re-saleable, (especially the cot mattress).
  • More than 99% compostable and recyclable.


All our mattresses, futons, bed bases and toppers are professionally delivered right throughout Australia by a specialist courier service. These items are carefully packaged and sent from our hygienic factory in Victoria and freight is charged according to your postcode. This cost is not included in your online order, and we will contact you to confirm the delivery charge. If you select ‘Pick Up From Store’ – this will still incur a $50 fee for transport from our factory to our shop in Newhaven (for all sizes except cot as cot mattresses and futons are stored here). You are welcome to email us to get a quote for delivery before placing your order.


Feel free to place your order for futons currently in stock. Production time on out of stock or special MADE TO ORDER sizes can take up to 6 weeks.


*Please note that under the Health Act, Pillows, Underlays, Quilts, Bed Toppers, Mattresses, Futons and Pillow Protectors are NON-REFUNDABLE unless faulty. If you have never slept on a true, all organic cotton futon before, or if you have not purchased a mattress from us, please send us an email.ARE YOU SURE A ‘Futon’ STYLE MATTRESS IS FOR YOU?

Futons are traditionally made from cotton or other natural fibre and are hard / firm and not totally suitable for side sleepers. They have no ‘give’ or ‘bounce’. They are of Japanese origin and ideal for people used to sleeping on a firm surface.

Do not choose to purchase a futon mattress for the wrong reasons:

  1. It’s trendy.
  2. It is lightweight and will fold easily. (It isn’t and it won’t).
  3. It is a cheaper version of an organic cotton innerspring mattress. It is a different type of mattress altogether.


Our futons were originally intended to satisfy the needs of newborn babies, young children, teenagers and very chemically sensitive people whose everyday health and well-being depend on a non toxic nights sleep above all else. If after reading this you are still sure a futon mattress is what you are looking for be aware and prepared for the extra maintenance required because if the regime of regular turning and airing is not strictly followed by you, then we cannot be held responsible. Any size futon mattress, including cradle and cot, must be used on both sides and requires regular turning. It is imperative that any size, is used on a hardwood slat base bed/cot or cradle. Contact us for further details on a suitable bed base if needed.

When using a cot, cradle or other size futon for a bed wetter (including the inevitable nappy leaks) ALWAYS layer our mattress pads or OLD washed towels under the mattress protector and check/ wash and replace every day as none of these products contain plastic or are covered with waterproof material. However, they do provide the BEST water resistance than any natural organic protector can provide.


Please ensure you regularly rotate and flip your new organic cotton futon mattress when you first start using it. Usually, turning every few weeks within the first few months is adequate, so long as the bed base you are using is one that allows full airflow around the mattress. Also make sure that your organic cotton futon mattress is not placed against walls or furnishings (such as curtains or solid bed heads), as these will prevent sufficient air flowing around all sides of the mattress too. A lack of airflow will cause a build up of condensation which will in turn create conditions that often lead to the growth of mould, especially when placed against something that is not natural or chemical free — that is why using our Hardwood Slat Bed Bases and cots are so strongly recommended — The regular rotating and flipping over of the mattress helps the soft cotton wadding layers to settle.

We also recommend airing in fresh air and sunshine occasionally, as cotton is a breathable product and refreshes itself naturally this way. All our mattresses are individually handmade and we only use certified organic cotton in its purest state, none of our products are fumigated, in order for better health, comfort and peace of mind.

Free from dangerous toxic chemicals like those used to create waterproofing, insect proofing, mould and mildew inhibitors and flame proofing. Health and well-being is our priority!



We recommend placing our mattress protector on the mattress first; then place our fleece mattress overlay with the fleecy side facing up, on next. Then put on the fitted sheet which will hold all of these layers in place. If you are concerned about excess sweating or soiling, you may like to have 2 mattress overlays to alternate with while one is in the wash. These are easy to remove and drop in the washing machine along with your fitted sheet. If you would like even more protection for the mattress – which is a great idea especially for babies – we suggest putting our organic mattress protector pad on the area where your baby will be sleeping, just under the fitted sheet as well.


The Organature Futon mattresses are made from our carded (fluffed out) pure organic cotton and appear softer to begin with but, as with all Natural fibres, the cotton compresses, creating a firm surface.

Futon mattresses and toppers filled with 100% natural fibres such as cotton, wool, kapok, straw etc. are not the same as conventional futons and toppers; even these different natural fibre filled ones vary in construction and sleeping. Conventional futon mattresses and toppers are softer because they contain synthetic foam, memory foam, foamed rubber (incorrectly referred to as latex), or a combination of these chemical laden products. Natural fibre futons are perfect for babies and children as they are lighter in weight and thus slowly compress the filling, adjusting to the firmer sleeping surface. Free from dangerous toxic chemicals. (‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free‘, ‘Permanent press’, ‘Ultra Fresh’, ‘Water-proof’ and ‘Flame proof’).

  • To allow for proper air circulation, for increased effectiveness of the health benefits gained when using these certified organic products on a daily basis and to prevent mould and mildew forming, your organic cotton mattress/futon should always be placed on a good quality slat bed base.
  • We strongly recommend that you use one of our natural timber slat bed bases in conjunction with your organic cotton mattress, which has been custom made in a healthy environment from sturdy Australian plantation hardwood timber.

If you have never slept on, or used, a futon or topper filled with 100% natural fibres previously, we prefer to talk to you before proceeding with your order.


Did you know that frequently present in conventional mattresses and bedding are *High Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) like phosphorus, arsenic and antimony, and nerve toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and toluene? Whether they be in the petroleum based, Polyethylene foam, the petroleum and chlorine based Vinyl or PVC used for waterproofing (a known carcinogen, let alone, one of the most environmentally unfriendly plastics used today), or the petroleum based Fire Retardants … separately or together … they make up a toxic soup that is linked to immune suppression, hormone disruption, developmental delays, learning and memory problems, behavior changes, and cancer.

PLEASE NOTE: Latex products are NOT organic or 100% natural.

READ MORE: The Truth About Latex Mattresses – CONSUMER AWARENESS GUIDE

Some people go nuts about BAMBOO SHEETS too because they are told that they are natural and anti-bacterial. But bamboo fibres are converted with chemicals to produce the yarn. This makes the process ’man-made’ and therefore synthetic, not natural and certainly not certified organic.

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Made with 100% certified organic cotton fabrics and/or fillings

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Sandra Bitunjac | 1 reviews | Great product and great customer service. My 3 year old daughter loves her new mattress.

Meagan Zieba | 1 reviews | I have two of these futons, a standard one and one that was made to order to fit a non-standard bed frame. The mattresses are very comfortable and my children love them. The customer service (particularly for the made-to-order mattress) was very good, and all the staff I spoke to were extremely helpful. Delivery was quick and the mattresses were well packaged. I try to purchase Australian made products as much as possible, so it was great to discover organic bedding made in Australia.

Beck Rodgers | 1 reviews | I recently purchased a bed from you for my son, including futon mattress and bedding, and I firstly wanted to say how great your product is. I was a little nervous about the futon mattress being too hard but I introduced it as the “cloud bed” and it has brilliant! Additionally I want to say your sheets were great – I think I could have put them straight on the bed without washing them first. No chemical smell there.

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