CUSHION INSERTS – Certified 100% Organic Cotton – various sizes


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Organature cushion inserts are made with chemical-free GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton fabric and filling. These are the healthiest natural organic cushion inserts currently available in Australia, suitable for MCS, chemical sensitivity, allergy, eczema and asthma sufferers. No synthetic fibres, no polyesters, no additives to cause perspiration or allergic reactions.


  • Organic Cotton Cushion – approximately 35 x 35 – 40 x 40cm
  • Organic Cotton Europe Cushion – approximately 55 x 55 – 60 x 60cm (These are the same as our Europe Pillows)
  • All other Organic Cotton Pillows are here.

Note that sizes are approximate, as the inserts will expand in diameter slightly as the filling condenses with use.

Eva | 2 reviews | 23/02/2015 | Nice affordable pillows for our couch! They are soft and comfortable. I love that we can get them certified organic at such a great price! We got covers too, which are also very soft. I’m sure we will purchase some more soon.

Made with 100% certified organic cotton fabrics/fillings

The Natural Fragrance of Organic Cotton

The GOTS Certified Organic Cotton we use in our products may retain some of the natural, earthy fragrance from it's state on the plant. We do not use any of the toxic chemicals used to cover up these natural smells. This natural fragrance will dissipate over time, and fresh airing and sunshine will also help.

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