Cellophane Bags – BEST ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC – 2 sizes


YOU DON’T NEED PLASTIC … These CELLOPHANE bags are made from true cellulose, not plastic that’s made to look like cellophane! Biodegradable, compostible and much safer for your health than other plastic bags and wraps on the market.

SO MANY USES … We use this to wrap and pack our Organature bed linen and other products to protect them from outside contamination. We also use them in our own homes to store vegetables and meat in the fridge and freezer. Handy for sandwiches, nuts snacks, bread, fruit, and they are also ideal for the children’s lunches.

  • SMALL BAGS 23.5 x 16.5 cm Available in 100 pack or 1000 pack.
  • LARGE BAGS 30.5 x 20.3 cm Available in 100 pack or 1000 pack.

*Note: Do not use in oven or microwave, or near flame.

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