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Our Luxury Boomerang pillows are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric and 100% Silk Cotton filling and are medium soft to medium firm to sleep on depending on how much filling you keep inside the covering. No synthetic fibres, no polyesters, no additives to cause perspiration. Ideal for neck support while reading, shoulder support when lying on your side and for nursing mothers to breastfeed in a more comfortable way, without tiring out arms. Some filling can be removed to make it even easier to bend and scrunch to adjust to the desired position.

Because our pillows are made with 100% natural fibres, after time they will compress down, so a quick daily fluffing is recommended (as you would with a feather / down pillow). Like in nature, natural fibres are inconsistent. Sometimes the pillows can be ‘lofty’ to start with, and sometimes a little more settled. Nature cannot be shaped into a consistent form unless man-made fibres and chemicals are added, which Organature WILL NOT do. Pillows stuffed with silk-cotton act most like standard pillows. They have loft, can be fluffed, do not need to be punched in the middle of the night and retain their shape well.

ABOUT THE OUTER COVERING: This pillow is made with natural organic cotton outer (un-dyed, unbleached, un-treated fabric), with a zippered end. Silk cotton pillow casings require a zippered opening that is closed after filling. This also allows you to open and adjust the amount of filling (if required), to obtain the optimum comfort level. For safety reasons the pull tag has been removed. Should you wish to take out some filling, use a paper clip or similar implement to open the zip but this implement must be removed when finished. Take care when opening and removing the silk cotton fibres as they are light enough to blow around.


“Silk” Cotton is a special strain of cotton. It is 100% Silk Cotton. Silk Cotton is the same as Kapok and comes from the kapok tree. There is no ‘silk’ in the pillows. The silk-cotton fluff is actually buoyant and was used in the designs for the first life jackets, that is, until synthetic foams came on the market. It feels similar to the light weight feeling of down, but without the allergies and the loss of loft that go with feathers. The silk is luxurious to the touch and a medium firm support when pillows are stuffed full, softer when some filling is removed and more air is able to permeate the fibres.

The Silk-Cotton tree, (Bombax ceiba), is a native to the Asian tropics. It is an evergreen tree; not like the cotton plant. The tree grows naturally in jungle country areas, it is not grown on organized farms and it grows in all types of soil. Natural rainfall is enough for this tree to flourish. No artificial fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides are used; it is free from GMO and is naturally clean because it grows high in the Silk-cotton tree. “Silk Cotton” is 100% True Organic. In India it is widely used for pillow filling. India has a hot and humid climate and is similar to many parts of Australia. Like Organic Cotton the Silk Cotton fibre helps to dissipate the heat from the human body and provides a sound sleep. Silk cotton is very soft and has a luster like silk; hence it is called Silk cotton, there is no ‘silk’ content, there is no ‘cotton’ content, only Cotton Silk.

“Absolutely Purely Organic.”



Boomerang – approx 1000 gram filling. 40 cm (width at bend of pillow) and 110 cm (length, across longest length of pillow). Note: Pillow specification is based on weight of the fill not height of pillow.



Do you like comfort, practicality and versatility?

Not only is the shape delightful, but the case, cover, filling and pillow protector is: “Absolutely Purely Organic.”


Olivia | 1 reviews | 03/08/2019 | Your boomerang pillow is the absolute best breastfeeding pillow! I use it at least 8 times a day and feel good knowing that my baby spends most of his day lying on a completely natural and organic pillow and the shape and size is perfectly supportive for us both. Thanks!

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