Baby Sleep Sack – Organic Cotton Fleece – various colours


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Made from our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fleece, these sleep sacks are great to keep baby covered during the night as they can’t kick it off.  The Fleece is warm and cosy, yet cool enough in Summer as it allows your baby’s body to breathe.  Great in Winter over a babygrow, or in Summer just over the nappy. They have a pearl stud on each shoulder opening, but are otherwise enclosed at the bottom and all around to keep baby snug, yet not tight to allow for some natural, free movement.

Colours: Available in a range of colours including natural, which is unbleached and undyed for those who are wanting the most allergy-free and sensitivity-free garment they can possibly get. As different computers may display colours differently, the colour of the actual item may vary slightly from the images pictured.  If you are unsure about colours, please do not hesitate to contact us for samples.

Sleeping Bag Measurements – All measurements are approximate and some variation may occur.

[row][column width=”1/4″]Size[/column][column width=”1/4″]Shoulder to bottom[/column][column width=”1/4″]Width under arm across[/column][column width=”1/4″]Width at bottom[/column][/row]

[row][column width=”1/4″]000[/column][column width=”1/4″]56 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]30 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]44 cm[/column][/row]

[row][column width=”1/4″]00[/column][column width=”1/4″]66 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]31.5 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]46 cm[/column][/row]

[row][column width=”1/4″]0[/column][column width=”1/4″]76 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]33 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]48 cm[/column][/row]

[row][column width=”1/4″]12 months[/column][column width=”1/4″]85 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]35 cm[/column][column width=”1/4″]52 cm[/column][/row]

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: WASHING: Washing in COLD water is recommended. Maximum temperature for washing organic cotton fleece is 30 C as anything higher than this may degrade the fibres and reduce the lifespan of your product. Do not use commercial softening products as they may affect your health and alter the organic nature of the product. Organic cotton fleece is a knitted fabric, pull gently into shape after washing. DRYING: Line dry after gently pulling into shape; avoid strong sunlight which can cause bleaching and deterioration of this quality fabric. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Iron the back of the fabric with steam if needed.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 5 cm

000, 00, 0, 12 months


Natural, Pink, Blue, Latte, Moonlight, Slate Blue

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